Fortum Valpas – The most used energy reporting tool in Finland

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Fortum Valpas is an energy monitoring and reporting tool based on the Wapice Energy Services solution. Valpas operates as a backend for the Oma Fortum mobile application, offering versatile services for monitoring and predicting energy consumption.

Fortum Corporation is Finland's largest energy company, offering solutions related to electricity, heat, cooling and improving resource efficiency. The company has more than 600,000 electricity sales outlets in Finland. As a leading clean energy company, Fortum provides its customers with the right tools to help make sensible energy choices.

Fortum Valpas provides its customers with an easy-to-use service that enables customers to plan, optimize and track their energy consumption. The service can be used to check consumption history, the current situation and make comparisons with prior consumption or comparison groups.

Fortum is a pioneer in the development of its customers' electronic services and sets very high standards for the smooth running of the online service. Usability and service responsiveness are the present day and the product is constantly being developed to meet the wishes of users.

Screenshot of Fortum Valpas

Screenshot of Fortum Valpas

Top-class Performance

The integration of the system into an existing service environment must be simple and secure. Heikki Tuppurainen acts as System Manager at Fortum Valpas service. According to Tuppurainen, the clear advantages of EcoReaction are the reliability of operations and the suitability of the product for Fortum's environment.

EcoReaction has proven record of operating in a variety of environments and companies of different sizes. When data is transferred from measuring points to EcoReaction, even large amounts of data are transferred very quickly.

Heikki Tuppurainen, Systems Manager, Fortum

The reporting system must be very high-performance and high-quality, as the data collected from large companies is huge.

EcoReaction is a part of Wapice Energy Services, offering turnkey solutions for energy companies and their customers. Intelligent and comprehensive energy services can cover customer needs for contract and invoice management, as well as energy consumption and production monitoring.

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