Up-to-date product information available for worldwide sales support

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Together with Flowrox, Wapice implemented a CPQ solution that enables an up-to-date product portfolio, price list, and unified tender documentation for the entire business, regardless of time and place. As of November 1, 2021, the Flowrox valve and pump businesses and the Flowrox trademark are part of Neles Group. Neles was consolidated to Valmet April 1, 2022.

Flowrox flow control solutions are known as benchmark for heavy duty valves and pumps used in mining, mineral, power engineering and environmental industries. Built on over 40 years of experience in elastomer technology, Flowrox products are environmentally friendly and cost-effective solutions for demanding process conditions. Most of the output is exported all over the world either directly or via subsidiaries and numerous partners.

To digitize its sales processes, the company decided on Summium® CPQ system, which enables products to be configured, priced and offered to customers. The system retrieves item information from product data management system (PDM) where the product master data is located. Over time, an increasing number of Flowrox products have been included under Summium.

Through the system integrations, Summium® CPQ ensures that the sales personnel have access to the latest product information. There is also less manual work, since the data is automatically transferred between systems. As a result of sales process digitalization, the offer process has become easier and faster and the need for technical support has decreased significantly.

Summium® CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) is a powerful sales configurator helping companies to sell complex products and services. The salesperson can easily configure the products and services for customer needs, price them and generate the quotation documentation. Wapice has been developing Summium® CPQ tool in a close collaboration with the leading industrial companies since year 2000. Today, over 2 billion euros of Finnish export products are sold through Summium® CPQ, which is a part of Summium® product family.

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