VMSV made a digital leap with the Summium® e-commerce solution

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Varpaisjärven Maansiirto ja Vesitekniikka Oy uses Wapice’s Summium® Selector as its webshop and Summium® CPQ as its bid calculation tool. The services available in the online store are grouped into clear product baskets allowing customers select all the required services for their needs. This has enabled clearer customer communication, speeded up the sales process and made VMSV’s products and services better available to the customer.

Varpaisjärven Maansiirto ja Vesitekniikka Oy is a company specialising in civil engineering, excavator contracting, dredging, municipal engineering work and the construction, renovation and maintenance of water supply networks. VMSV offers a comprehensive contracting service in a sustainable and responsible manner, respecting nature. The company, founded in 1998, operates throughout Finland and is headquartered in Kuopio.

VMSV’s online store is the first in its industry to offer customers unit prices for construction and maintenance services for water supply networks. The aim was to bring the company’s extensive expertise and knowhow of client requirements available in an online store that facilitates VMSV’s own sales process as well as the customers’ purchasing process. The Summium® product platform serves this purpose perfectly, as it can be customised according to customer wishes and needs.

We wanted both product baskets and product-specific options in the online store, and the Summium® product platform is perfect for this purpose

Ari Huusko, Managing Director of VMSV

"With the help of the online store, the request for quotation and ordering process has also been digitised to suit our needs and the sales documentation has been automated. Now it is easier for the customer to buy and at the same time the possibility of mistakes has decreased,” Huusko continues.

When ordering services for the first time in VMSV’s online store, the customer selects the desired items, adds them to the shopping cart and submits a request for quotation to VMSV. The processing of the request for quotation turns the customer into a registered user with unique credentials to log in to the store. After logging in, the customer can see the prices of the services in the online store and make the next work order through the online store.

Online store Learn more about VMSV webshop and Summium® Selector system here.

The system has its own view for VMSV salespersons that they can use to make quotations to the customer based on the request for quotation. The salesperson can also place the order on behalf of the customer and send the order confirmation to the customer through the system.

“After initial planning, the pieces fell into place and the end result is excellent,” says Kai Huittinen, Wapice’s Business Development Manager. “We used the Summium® product platform to turn the customer’s clear vision and needs into a concrete online store and digital sales process,” Huittinen continues.

The Summium® product platform is a solution specially developed for demanding industrial needs that Wapice has been developing in close collaboration with industrial companies since 2000. Each year more than EUR 2 billion worth of Finnish export products are sold through it.

Article image: ©VMSV