Technology Partnership

Wapice offers close Technology Partnerships to its clients to bring new products to the market creating new business from advances in technology. We are able to develop and commercialize diverse technologies and products across a broad range of market sectors and we have been doing so for near two decades.

We believe in collaborative innovation that helps our clients to transform technologies into a meaningful application for their business. This way our customers can concentrate on their core business while having a Technology Partner that provides expert guidance in terms of software and electronics.

Our competence ranges from electronics design over embedded software up to industrial software and business solutions that e.g. powers operations to complete system integrations and business intelligence systems. We act as a one-stop-shop for all of our clients information technology needs.

Our Technology Partnertship is supported by effective communication that ensures projects are delivered on time, on scope and on budget. We always strive to be the optimal partner for our clients and can develop additional competences when needed. In case you are interested in partnering with us please do not hesitate in contacting us.

Digital Services for Industry

Digital services focused on industrial systems and platforms

We provide systems especially for machine and equipment control and production and inventory management. We offer solutions in the areas of cross-platform systems, communications systems, monitoring systems, industrial web systems, barcode and RFID systems, commercialization and customized industrial software and tools.

  • Graphical 2D and 3D trend displays
  • Java EE platforms for the industry
  • Cross-platform Qt systems
  • Mobile applications and solutions
  • OPC DA / OPC AE / OPC UA servers and client software
  • Monitoring systems and solutions
  • Real time monitoring solutions (Windows, Linux, HMI)
  • Customized industrial software
  • tools and systems
  • Industrial Web technologies
  • Commercialization projects
  • Designing and testing user interfaces and usability
  • Barcode and RFID solutions
  • Windows/Linux-based systems

Digital Services for Business

Digital services focused on the design and implementation of demanding business solutions for industrial companies

Combining our own software development with commercial and Open Source software tools, we create innovative solutions that support your business processes and help you succeed. The goal is that your IT systems serve the users thus helping you to meet your business goals. We offer you a cost-effective way of working, wide-ranging know-how, software experts and agile project management.

Solution Consultation

  • Consultation on processes and business models
  • Supporting new business models with IT solutions
  • Requirement specifications, reseacrh and analysis from business point of view

Technology Consultation

  • Specifications and research
  • Audit and analysis
  • Technology evaluations
  • Improving the infrastructure and performance

Project Management

  • Project specifications and planning
  • Managing projects including multiple suppliers
  • Quality audit

Business Intelligence

  • Business needs analysis
  • Data warehouse, BI technology and architecture design
  • Improving/updating the existing Business Intelligence system
  • Mastering commonly used techniques (e.g. Cognos, QlikView, MS Reporting Services)

Software and System Development

  • User interface design and usability
  • Architecture design
  • Strong competence on key technologies

System Integration

  • Evaluations and requirement studies
  • Planning processes together with the customer
  • Planning and implementing technical solutions
  • Strong competence on integration technologies (e.g. Microsoft BizTalk, Web Services, message queues)

Digital Services for Embedded Systems

Digital services for embedded systems ranging from electronic design and programming up to a finished product

Do you need a turnkey solution or additional taskforce for a project? Or are you looking to outsource a product development or have a consultation relating to industrial embedded systems? We offer embedded systems solutions in the areas of electronic design (PCB), microprocessor systems, operating systems, communications technologies and programming.


  • Programming languages such as C/C++, Java ME, Assembler
  • Software testing

Electronic design (PCB)

  • PADS, PCB layout and production
  • Testing
  • EMC testing

Microprocessor systems

  • Processor architectures
  • Experience in the most common 8-64-bit processors (e.g. ARM, PowerPC, X86, PIC, AVR)

Operating systems

  • Embedded Linux
  • RTLinux
  • RTOS systems

Communication technologies

  • Fieldbuses (CAN, CANopen, TCP/IP, DeviceNET, PROFIBUS, Modbus)
  • Wireless communication technologies (GPRS, GSM, SMS, Bluetooth, WLAN, Zigbee)
  • Wired communication technologies (FTP, HTTP, HTTPS)

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