Summium® CPQ boosts Kärävä sauna sales, 50% faster quoting process

Kärävä Oy, a Finnish sauna and wood products company is currently focusing on expanding the business through reseller network.

Kärävä chose Wapice Summium® CPQ as its preferred tool to ease the independent sales efforts of their resellers and to boost the work of their own sales staff. The company uses the CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) solution when configuring and pricing the sauna packages and creating quotes.

“We are very pleased with Wapice’s solution. Summium® CPQ is easy to use and speeds up the sales process of sauna packages by guiding the salesperson through each step of the process. This improves the quality of customer service, as all factors are covered already at the quote stage. Thanks to the solution, the time spent for drafting a quote has shortened by more than 50 %,” says Jaakko Soini, CEO of Kärävä.

Check out the collaboration between Wapice and Kärävä and read how Summium CPQ has speeded up the quoting process by more than 50%.

Cooperation Riina Puhakka, Kai Huittinen and Jaakko Soini

Solution used: Summium® CPQ

Kärävä Oy is a Finnish family company founded in 1988 that manufactures sauna packages and other wood products such as terrace boards, wall panels and mouldings for interior cladding. Their goal is to offer customers exactly the products they are looking for and to fulfil even their wildest dreams. The company has its own planing line and carpentry shop, where the products are handmade to the highest specification.

Wapice is an award winning Finnish technology company supporting companies on their digitalization journeys. Wapice has been developing Summium CPQ in close collaboration with industry since 2000, and today the tool is used to sell more than EUR 2 billion worth of Finnish export products a year. Established in 1999, Wapice employs over 340 software and electronics experts in Finland. Wapice creates a smarter future today.

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