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Global Application Innovation Partner of the Year Award from Microsoft

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Build Production Grade IoT Applications

IoT-TICKET® is a complete Internet of Things (IoT) tool suite and platform allowing you to build web, mobile, cloud and reporting applications in minutes with big data analytics and easy to use tools. From drag & drop content building to plug & play connectivity, edge computing and scalable enterprise management.

Simplify IoT and transform into a digital champion: build IoT applications or business models in minutes. No need for additional, expensive, software development. Capitalize on your most important assets, your users, and give them the right tools to turn your ideas into profit by giving them the right tool suite.

languageApplication Areas

  • Smart Environment

    Smart Environment

    • Air Pollution Monitoring
    • Water Monitoring
    • Flood Control
    • Fire Detection
    • Leakage Detection
    • etc.
  • Smart grid

    Smart Energy

    • Energy Optimization
    • Energy Trading
    • Smart Grid
    • Consumption Forecasting
    • Condition Monitoring
    • etc.
  • Smart city

    Smart Cities

    • Smart Buildings
    • Traffic Congestion Control
    • Smart Parking
    • Urban Noise Control
    • Waste Management
    • etc.
  • Smart Logistics

    Smart Logistics

    • Fleet Tracking
    • Shipping Conditions
    • Location Tracking
    • Geofencing
    • Storage Optimization
    • etc.
  • Smart Manufacturing

    Smart Manufacturing

    • OEE & TEEP Monitoring
    • Employee Safety
    • SCM Optimization
    • Digital Twin
    • Digital Services
    • etc.

Smart Environment Smart grid Smart city Smart Logistics Smart Manufacturing

Road to city

What do you benefit from IoT?

  • Cost Saving

    • Reduced operating costs
    • Better asset utilization
    • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Increased Efficiency

    • Real-time operational insights
    • Increased employee productivity
    • Improved resource management
  • Better Service

    • Process automation
    • User behavior prediction
    • More responsive services

Onboarding Project


  • Kick-off meeting*
    • Specifying the project scope and customer use case requirements
  • 3pcs online “IoT business goals” executive interviews to build understanding how IoT creates business value in the company*
  • One online introduction and basic training how to use IoT-TICKET® features*
  • One online application design workshop to help sketching the basic look and feel of the application*
  • Example Dashboard and/or Report Application using customer use case data (e.g. building, vehicle, sensors…)
  • 10pcs x 1 hour review & tips online meetings to support customer building the application*
  • IoT-TICKET®, Production Trial cloud hosting for 2 months


How to build IoT strategy for your company

Can my business benefit from IoT and AI?

You’ll want IoT solutions in your company if

  • You want to reduce costs, optimize operations and find new revenue streams.
  • You want to get insights from real-time data and analytics to make smarter and faster decisions about your business.
  • You want to achieve proactive automation and analytics to improve maintenance and supply chain operations.

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The tools for creating IoT Applications IoT-TICKET toolbox


Track your KPIs, Prototype, Control, Innovate

The Dashboard is a web-based and user-friendly application for end-users. The Dashboard is created using the Interface Designer which offers a collection of over 40 widgets for designing the layout in your brand colors, visualizing the collected data, user interaction and also embed external content, such as a web cam.

Dashboard screenshot

Dataflow Editor

Create complex operations and interactions by simply connecting blocks

The Dashboard and the reports are configured using the Data-flow Editor, a graphical block programming editor. You can design the Dashboard's interactivity by connecting blocks to implement complex logic operations which can then be used to execute control actions or routed to user interface elements for monitoring, reporting and other purposes. With over 50 calculation, logic, data and other blocks at your disposal, the possibilities are virtually limitless – and for most cases only a few blocks will be necessary.

Data-flow Editor screenshot

Mobile Designer

An easy way to make your Dashboards work flawlessly on any device

By default Dashboards scales in fixed aspect ratio to fit any device, and can be used normally when zoomed into. However, with the help of Mobile Designer, the Dashboard will no longer be fixed size, allowing the widgets to be placed in the Dashboard in completely customized order, independent of the Interface Designer layout.

The Mobile Designer allows you to hide widgets in Mobile Layout and to use different widget properties from the desktop version. Additionally the editor also allows you to quickly test how the layout will look on different devices.

Mobile Designer screenshot

Reports & Report Editor

Stay informed with reports on schedule or based on set conditions

Reports are created like the Dashboard, using the comprehensive set of widgets, providing you with a blank slate on how to design your reports – you can fully customize your reports as you would your Dashboards. Reports are automatically generated at the moment they are triggered, on schedule or from data-flow of a Dashboard, and then sent as PDF file to configured email addresses.

Report Editor screenshot


Activate events based on abnormalities in your data

Events can be triggered from Dashboard's data-flow and the conditions for event activation can be anything the user specifies. The Events view allows user to acknowledge and export the events. The full event history of acknowledged events is retained and can be viewed from the interface.

Events view screenshot

cloud_circleDeploy Anywhere

Seamless integration to existing systems

IoT-TICKET is cloud native and can be deployed to any environment; your own data center, services like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, IBM Softlayer or – by default – our own cloud service.

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