IoT-TICKET solution

IoT Application & Innovation Tool Suite

IoT-TICKET® is a complete Internet of Things (IoT) tool suite and platform allowing you to build web, mobile, cloud and reporting applications in minutes with big data analytics and easy to use tools. From drag & drop content building to plug & play connectivity, edge computing and scalable enterprise management.

Transform into a digital champion: build IoT applications or business models in minutes. No need for additional, expensive, software development. Capitalize on your most important assets, your users, and give them the right tools to turn your ideas into profit by giving them the right tool suite.


  • Smart Environment

    Smart Environment

    • Air Pollution Monitoring
    • Water Monitoring
    • Flood Control
    • Fire Detection
    • Leakage Detection
    • et al.
  • Smart Grid

    Smart Energy

    • Energy Optimization
    • Energy Trading
    • Smart Grid
    • Consumption Forecasting
    • Condition Monitoring
    • et al.
  • Smart City

    Smart Cities

    • Smart Buildings
    • Traffic Congestion Control
    • Smart Parking
    • Urban Noise Control
    • Waste Management
    • et al.
  • Smart Logistics

    Smart Logistics

    • Fleet Tracking
    • Shipping Conditions
    • Location Tracking
    • Geofencing
    • Storage Optimization
    • et al.
  • Smart Manufacturing

    Smart Manufacturing

    • OEE & TEEP Monitoring
    • Employee Safety
    • SCM Optimization
    • Digital Twin
    • Digital Services
    • et al.
Smart EnvironmentSmart GridSmart CitySmart ManufacturingSmart Logistics
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trending_upWhat do you benefit from IoT?

  • Cost Saving

    • Reduced operating costs
    • Better asset utilization
    • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Increased Efficiency

    • Real-time operational insights
    • Increased employee productivity
    • Improved resource management
  • Better Service

    • Process Automation
    • User Behavior Prediction
    • More responsive services

IoT-TICKET's tools for creating Internet of Things Applications IoT-TICKET toolbox


Track your KPIs

The Dashboard is a modern, web-based and user-friendly interface for end-users. A user can interact securely with remote devices, check their status, view reports or get status updates on the current operational performance. Dasboards are created with Interface Designer and Dataflow Editor -tools.

Dashboard graphics

Dataflow Editor

Define your data

The easy to use Dataflow Editor is a web-based, graphical block programming editor. The Dashboard UI is created with Interface Designer that is then configured using the Dataflow Editor. You can design the dataflow by connecting function blocks to implement complex logic operations which can then be used to execute control actions or routed to user interface elements for monitoring purposes.

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Gain valuable insight

IoT-Ticket Analytics tool supports you in understanding your data better. You can provide advisories and expert analysis to your customers which is based on data collected over a long period of time. Simply drag and drop your data tags of interest to the series fields and you can execute your big data queries.

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Stay informed

The powerful and web-based Report Editor integrates seamlessly into the IoT-Ticket Dashboard. Show your customers how their system or machine performance and efficiency can be improved. Use reports to improve your knowledge of your own system. Reports can be triggered by alarm, by certain interval or by hand.

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cloud_circleDeploy Anywhere

Seamless integration to existing systems

IoT-TICKET is cloud native and can be deployed to any environment; your own data center, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, IBM Softlayer or – by default – our own cloud service.

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