Embedded OPC UA server


OPC UA Server

Efficient, multi-platform server

Wapice has developed an embedded OPC UA server on a Linux platform. The server can be used, for example, as a part of Wapice's IoT-TICKET®, Internet of Things -Suite. We also develop entire system solutions that includes both server and client applications.

Wapice has extensive history of developing OPC solutions in dozens of customer projects. We have been an active member of the OPC Foundation since 2001. The OPC Foundation maintains and develops the OPC standards.

OPC UA introduces fundamental architectural changes to earlier OPC specifications. These include e.g. a unified address space model, platform independence, security and scalability. Wapice has contributed to the implementation of the OPC UA stacks and reference implementations.


Teemu Niemi
teemu.niemi@wapice.com +358 10 277 5163
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