Electronics Design and Embedded Systems

Wapice offers embedded systems development services for a wide range of industries and platforms. We provide design services and turnkey solutions starting with product concept design. We help our industrial customers succeed in their product development efforts.

Our solutions and services are used to power and control e.g. ships, moving machinery, cranes and electric networks. We design and implement IoT devices and systems. Creating a smarter future today!

Do you need a turnkey solution or an additional task force for a project? Or, are you looking to outsource product development or need a consultation related to embedded systems? We offer embedded systems solutions in the areas of electronic design, microprocessor systems, operating systems, communications technologies and programming.


Wapice has extensive experience in designing electronics and various embedded systems. We offer solutions to various needs ranging from concept to mass production. We can flexibly design a single device or an entire sensor network with cloud services to suit you and your customers’ needs.

Wapice specialises in the design of functional safety electronics (SIL, ISO 13849) and the provision of systems and equipment for explosive atmospheres (ATEX). We offer comprehensive solutions or design services in the following areas.

  • Circuit diagram design
  • Circuit board design
  • Embedded systems
  • Wireless solutions
  • Reviews and consultation
  • ATEX and device safety
  • EMC testing and certification support
  • Production testers
  • Production support and product life-cycle management


Wapice is a leading provider of industrial communications for embedded systems and connectivity solutions. We have extensive experience in multiple industry sectors including distribution automation, building automation and industrial automation. Wapice’s service palette and experience covers:

  • CAN based systems (CAN, CANOpen, J1939, CAN FD..)
  • Fieldbuses (Profinet, Modbus)
  • Ethernet (Realtime) (EtherCAT, Ethernet/IP, HSR/PRP, OPC, OPC UA)
  • Distribution automation (DNP3, IEC 60870-5, IEC 61850 )
  • Building automation (BACNet, KNX…)
  • IoT Procotols (CoAP, MQTT, OPC UA pub/sub…)

Embedded Systems Software Services

We design and implement software solutions for different applications ranging from small wireless sensors to control systems for large machines. Our technical knowledge is exceptionally varied, and we are able to choose the best technologies enabling you to remain competitive and get to the market as fast as possible.

Software Services

  • Design and Architectures
  • Implementation
  • Quality Assurance Services

Testing Services

  • Test and verification services
  • Test methods
  • Test systems


  • RnD concept studies
  • Technology selections
  • System Design and Evaluations
  • Communication Technologies
  • Realtime Systems

The embedded systems team at Wapice is an expert in the following technologies and creates leading industrial solutions with them.

  • C, C++
  • Processors, ARM, PowerPC, AVR…
  • Realtime OS: uC/OS, FreeRTOS, QNX…
  • Linux (Realtime, Xenomai, Preempt-RT)

Wireless Communications

Wapice has extensive experience in implementing a wide range of wireless communication mechanisms and topologies. With our vendor and technology independent approach, our team is always able to select the best technology for your application.

  • Mesh, star, p2p
  • LoRa, NB-IoT
  • Wi-Fi
  • IEEE 802.15.4x / Zigbee / 6LoWPAN
  • BLE
  • Mobile communications

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