IoT-TICKET release 3.1.1

We are pleased to announce that a new version (3.1.1) of our the Internet of Things (IoT) platform, IoT-TICKET has been published and is now available for all users.

New features in this release

Changes to Data-flow editor

  • Script block for creating custom logic into data-flow in client side flows
  • Combine block for easily combining data from multiple sources
  • Lookup table now supports also Boolean and String type of values
  • Sync block for creating synchronization points into the data-flow
  • Sum block enables now calculating Sum per user configurable time period

Changes to Interface designer

  • Resource selector to enable creation of fleet level Dashboards to easily show data from user selectable resources
  • State indicator mouse-over for state icons
  • Renewed icons for Chart markers and reset zoom buttons for better usability and fixes to Chart’s smart zooming logic
  • Image widget ratio to keep intact when making changes into the widget


  • More information about the new Data-flow and Interface Designer features can be found from the built-in Help