Helen chose Wapice Energy Services to monitor solar power plants

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Helen and Wapice have joined forces to build a remote monitoring and management solution for Helen’s solar plants on Wapice IoT-TICKET® platform. The solution will help Helen monitor and control the operation of its solar power plants and related equipment in different parts of Finland. The remote monitoring solution was implemented on a turnkey basis, including remote monitoring devices and a cloud-based control system.

Helen is one of Finland’s largest energy companies whose energy solutions are used by about 1.7 million Finns. Helen produces electricity, heat and cooling, constantly developing more efficient ways to produce, store and recycle energy. The company is moving towards a climate-neutral future in which solar energy plays a significant role.

We at Helen chose Wapice IoT-TICKET® platform because of its versatile design and ease of use in existing and new business areas. Wapice is a proven partner with high-quality references from industry players

Riku Kuikka, Product Group Manager at Helen

Peace of mind for solar power plant owners

As solar power plants produce electric power for decades, they need to be serviced regularly to ensure their safe and efficient operation. Real-time monitoring provides peace and security for solar power plant owners. In addition, a solar power plant can be a significant investment, and its smooth repayment must be secured – in this respect, Wapice’s monitoring solution is a clear choice for Helen.

“With the help of Wapice’s IoT solution, we have been able to offer Helen’s customers safer and higher-quality solar energy solutions, e.g. through remote monitoring and efficient maintenance services. I am glad that the “invest and forget” strategy has been replaced with the “maintain and optimise” strategy. Our goal is that in the future each new company-specific power plant will have a remote monitoring solution delivered by Wapice,” Kuikka continues.

“The solution automatically generates a forecast of future solar power production. The monitoring solution helps Helen offer its customers predictive maintenance and efficient repair of latent faults in solar power systems,” says Jyrki Keskinen, Director of the Energy Business Line at Wapice.

“Thanks to the extensive connections and interfaces of the IoT-TICKET platform, a solar power solution for Helen’s needs could be provided using no more than the platform’s standard features,” Keskinen continues.

Wapice Energy Services offer a complete turnkey solution for energy companies and their customers. Intelligent and comprehensive energy services can be used to cover the customer’s needs from monitoring energy consumption and production to new digital services. Wapice IoT-TICKET® is a part of Wapice Energy Services.