Summium CPQ

Configure. Price. Quote.

Summium® CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) is a visual sales configurator which helps companies sell complex products and services. Salesperson can easily configure the products and services the customer needs, price them and generate the quotation documentation. The system can be integrated into the most commonly used information systems (ERP, CRM, PDM, CAD, BI).

Summium® CPQ will improve your quote-to-cash process, particularly through more streamlined communication between product development, sales and manufacturing. Today almost 2 billion euros of Finnish export products are sold annually through Summium® CPQ.

Digitalize your sales process
with Summium® product family

Summium Sales digitalization platform links customer and salesman in one sales process in a completely new way. Create quotes based on requests for quote received from customer - all in one platform.

Customer Using Summium® Selector Quote Request for quote or maintenance Salesperson Using Summium® CPQ Quote Order CRM ERP Quote Customer Using Summium® Selector Salesperson Using Summium® CPQ Quote CRM ERP Order Request for quote or maintenance
Summium CPQ in use with Molok customer case

Depending on the use case
Summium® CPQ can be...

  • Salesman’s quoting and pricing tool
  • A visual tool for configuring and engineering products
  • A tool for managing global sales network


Powerful Configurator Engine -icon

Powerful Configurator Engine

Manage your product and service offering with the efficient rules-based and constraint-based configurator.
Pricing Management -icon

Pricing Management

Flexible pricing possibilities including discount management and contract pricing.
Quote Management -icon

Quote Management

Generate a high quality quotation and supplementary documentation with just a click of a button.
Wide Range of Integrations -icon

Wide Range of Integrations

Integrate orders and other data into master data systems to streamline information flows (ERP, CRM, PDM, BI, CAD, Excel).
Trust Guided Selling -icon

Trust Guided Selling

Help user find the best product or service for the customer’s individual need.
Sales Channel Management -icon

Sales Channel Management

Manage the entire sales channel from own sales staff to partners and dealers.
Visualize Your Offering -icon

Visualize Your Offering

Enhance user experience through product images and 3D-models.
Smart - Modelling Tool -icon

Smart - Modelling Tool

Build the product information into the system yourself or have us build it for you. No programming skills needed.

The benefits of using a CPQ-tool

  • Enhanced management of product offering

    • Respond to customer needs more effectively
    • Transparent communication
    • Integrate all necessary information in tendering & ordering processes
    • Eliminate business growth barriers
  • More productive sales process

    • Flawless pricing and tendering documentation
    • Faster sales orders
    • Improved reporting and forecasting
    • Freed resources
  • Easy deployment and usability

    • Turnkey delivery
    • Fast payback time
    • Fully customizable
    • Accessible in any place at any time
  • Immediate growth in sales

    • Higher proposal volume
    • Larger average deal size
    • More convincing sales negotiations
    • Decreased requirement of sales reps’ technical expertise
  • 105% Larger average deal size

  • 49% Higher proposal volume

  • 27% Shorter sales cycle

  • 19% Higher lead conversion rate

Source: Aberdeen Group

Combine Summium® CPQ with IoT-systems

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Make it easy to request for quotation and order products

Summium® Selector is an easy-to-use webshop solution for the demanding industrial needs. It enables requesting for quotations or maintenance and ordering products in a completely new way.

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Summium® continuous support service

Summium Customer Excellence team serves our customers in all matters related to the use, support and further development of the Summium software. We also offer customer-specific training and consulting services.

We are at your service on weekdays 8 am – 4 pm.

Phone: +358 10 277 5500

Alternatively you can send support request using the contact form, with "Summium support" as the message category.

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