IoT-TICKET is a complete Internet of Things (IoT) platform covering data acquisition, reporting, dashboard and analytics. It enables operational efficiency and business model innovation for companies. The platform supports supervisory monitoring, control, automation and advanced reporting functionalities.

By adapting industrial standards the platform allows efficient condition, maintenance and reliability management. Being big data enabled analyzing large amount of historical data is easier than ever. Utilizing the WRM247+ Terminal unit or other 3rd party systems the internet of things is becoming reality and IoT-TICKET positioned at the heart of it.

Application areas

How it works

IoT-TICKET is a complete remote control and management system. It integrates your machines and devices with your information systems. You are able to monitor and control all your equipment simultaneously.

IoT-TICKET is a complete solution with a wide range of features – it includes terminal devices, terminal application and server. It can also be customized according to your requirements. The terminal devices can either be delivered by Wapice or the vendor of your choice. In addition, the whole system is highly flexible, for example the connection between device and server is programmable and your existing protocols can be supported.

Our experience. Your advantage. Connecting devices to the internet since 1999.

We are a leading Technology Partner focused on enhancing its clients' performance across all functions by injecting information technology at its best. With our software and electronics expertise we are able to create solutions that boost industrial innovation. We deliver solutions to globally leading industrial companies mainly in the energy and moving machinery field. Wapice is ISO 9001:2008 certified and an AAA-rated company.

IoT-TICKET received its name in beginning of 2015, but has been developed and promoted since 2005 under the name Wapice Remote Management platform (WRM platform).

Join our 1.6 million remote management users

Wapice is, among others, #1 in Finland for smart meter (AMR/CIM) data interpretation to provide utility end-users with the needed intelligence. Based on our remote management platforms we are able to deliver highly scalable and flexible solutions that easily integrate into industrial environments.

Our motivation and ambition

Our motivation with IoT-TICKET was and is to create a modern, easy to use, web-based platform which allows remote monitoring and control of assets. We wanted to offer our customers with powerful report creation and analytics possibilities taking advantage of a secure Big-data system. Our ambition was and is to enable regulatory reporting, supervisory monitoring & control, operational efficiency & KPI tracking and condition monitoring. This way we aim to ensure that our customers and partners can leverage the business potential of their devices to provide advanced professional services to their customers.

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Summium is a tendering and ordering tool for configuring, pricing and quoting (CPQ) mass-customized products, services and entire projects. The tool automatically generates price and quotation documentation for the product and service offering. Based on predetermined sales options Summium will configure the product and service combination following customer needs, price it in real-time, and generate a sales option specific quotation with illustrative pictures and additional documents.

Summium, how it works

Depending on use case, Summium can be

  • Salesman’s quoting and pricing tool
  • A visual tool for configuring and engineering products
  • A tool for exhibiting the product offering
  • A product selector and an e-catalog
  • A tool for managing marketing and product launches
  • A tool for managing global sales network

Summium offers several benefits

  • Respond to customer needs more effectively
  • Higher proposal volume
  • Integrate all necessary information in tendering and ordering processes
  • Decreased requirement of sales reps’ technical expertise
  • Flawless pricing and tendering documents
  • Faster sales orders
  • Accessible everywhere and all the time

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Wapice Ltd is an experienced expert in the energy industry's systems and a forerunner in service development. The company is developing, in co-operation with other AMR-operators, a new kind of business that will benefit the whole energy industry.

EcoReaction is a web browser based CIM (Consumption Information Management) solution that improves the energy efficiency and supports environmental goals. It brings additional value to the energy company's customer service by providing the customers with a user-friendly interface with which they can monitor, plan and predict their energy consumption. With EcoReaction the consumers get information on their own energy consumption whenever they need it the most, regardless of whether the customer service is open or not. Additionally, it provides useful comparison data and presents the user's consumption history. A good energy company offers its customers the most modern tools for energy management.

Products are easy and fast to install in different service environments and they adapt to any changes in these entirities. The company possesses great expertise in the energy industry's systems. We are able to implement the interfaces and connect to the energy company's information systems.

Get everything out of AMR investments

With EcoReaction the energy company can strengthen customer loyalty and have a positive effect on their business image. It is a part of network companies' new and necessary infrastructure. The product brings additional value to customer service by giving the consumers tools for indicating the reliability of both metering and invoicing - it offers the possibility to benefit from all AMR investments in metering electricity, district heating and cooling, water and natural gas.

This consumer service is both simple and risk-free and it is delivered as a seamless part of the partner company's own service supply.

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CANrunner allows users to

  • Monitor real time data on CAN bus
  • Analyze and catch problems on CAN bus
  • View CAN bus statistics
  • Parse CAN protocol specific data
  • Future: Remotely diagnose CAN bus over Ethernet by connecting to WRM247+ remote device

Wapice has developed a CAN analyzer and diagnostic software using Qt technology. It is a powerful tool for software developers and service engineers, providing advanced data monitoring and analysis capabilities. CANrunner can be used as a part of Wapice’s Internet of Things platform (IoT-Ticket).

CANrunner software is available for free

CANrunner 1.2

Updated March 20, 2017

  • Stability fixes
  • Playback of log files
  • Minor UI updates

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Embedded OPC UA Server

Wapice has developed an embedded OPC UA server on a Linux platform. The server can be used, for example, as a part of Wapice's Internet of Things system (IoT-TICKET). We also develop entire system solutions that include both server and client applications.

Wapice has plenty of experience from developing OPC solutions in tens of customer projects. We have been an active member of the OPC Foundation since 2001. The OPC Foundation maintains and develops the OPC standards.

OPC UA introduces fundamental architectural changes to earlier OPC specifications. These include e.g. a unified address space model, platform independence, security and scalability. Wapice has contributed to the implementation of the OPC UA stacks and reference implementations. Contact us for more details.

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