Case Ponsse: Flexible and secure platform built on a solid architecture

Forest machine manufacturer Ponsse Plc has taken the digitalisation of its forest machines to a unique level with Ponsse Manager, a forest machine management system. Ponsse Manager has been created for machine owners to gain important information about their equipment and thus improve operational efficiency and productivity.

The challenges of user interface performance and data processing triggered the need for a major overhaul of the system. Wapice played a key role in the architecture design of the upgraded second generation Ponsse Manager 2.0 platform. Working together with Ponsse’s Enterprise Architecture team, the Wapice ensured the seamless functionality of the platform as part of Ponsse’s information systems architecture.

“A common will and smooth cooperation created a good basis for success. The Ponsse Manager 2.0 platform is technologically advanced and adding new services to it is easy,” Sara-Lotta Moilanen, Ponsse.

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