Wapice Whistleblowing Channel

Wapice encourages its stakeholders to report any suspected or observed misconduct. If you notice such action or behavior, we primarily recommend to discuss with the relevant manager at Wapice. If you are not willing to do that or prefer to give your report anonymously, then you can use our whistleblowing channel. All reports are handled confidentially by named persons. In order to ensure complete anonymity, independence and confidentiality, the channel is produced by an external service provider. Please note that this channel is not for customer feedback or reclamations.

Notifications must be made in good faith. Deliberate false reports are prohibited and may lead to legal consequences. Although whistleblower protection also applies to suspected violations and abuses, whistleblower protection is not provided for whistleblowing that is meant to harm - therefore whistleblower protection only applies to reporting made in good faith. The notifier may be liable for damages if a falsified report causes harm to the subject of the report or the company. However, the reporter's liability for damages is always limited to deliberate action in which the reporter has reported or disclosed false or misleading information for the purpose of damages.

After submitting a report, you will be given a unique link and PIN code, which you need to sign into the channel again and follow the status of your report. Please reply to any requests for additional information. You will receive confirmation of the received report within seven days and feedback within three months.

Here is a link to Wapice Whistleblowing channel

Personal data may be processed in the whistleblowing channel. See privacy notice.