Massive scale remote monitoring of real estate

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Real estate and construction expert AFRY uses Wapice IoT-TICKET® solution to implement an advanced massive scale building monitoring system.

AFRY started looking for a solution for centralized property monitoring, which would quickly detect situational changes that might not otherwise be identified in a large property mass. It was important for AFRY to be able to schedule maintenance based on real-time information, as well as remotely fine-tune the real estate.

With IoT-TICKET you automatically get real-time information about deviations and maintenance needs from buildings. Property maintenance and control are significantly improved and actions can be more targeted.

The solution also makes it easy and fast to interconnect the property management systems of different suppliers.

We monitor both the big picture and the functionality of individual building systems with IoT-TICKET. With the real-time information we can react to potential problems before they appear on location. With the system, we can also easily create new control views, if needed, from larger entities such as a single machine at a particular location.

Jesse Nieminen, Team Leader, AFRY Oy

This collaboration has opened up entirely new opportunities, such as comprehensive weather reporting and the utilization of energy price fluctuations to changes in property adjustment values. With wireless technology it is possible to include older real estate in the perimeter of the measurements too, to fully utilize the added value of IoT control.

Article image: © AFRY