Owatec develops the user experience and sales of modular water purification systems with the help of IoT-TICKET

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When a complex, hidden process can be displayed visually on a computer screen in real time, it streamlines not only the user experience, but also maintenance, sales and marketing.


Owatec is a cleantech growth company based in Oulu that produces water treatment solutions for the needs of the food, mining and fibre industries, among others. Owatec’s main product is a modular water treatment system designed according to the principles of the circular economy. But how to stand out from competitors in an industry where the product itself, water treatment, is a highly complex process?

“We offer turnkey solutions built into shipping containers for industrial wastewater and sludge management. We want to develop our customer path, and one solution for this is an online user interface, from which our customers can follow the process in real time,” says Jenni Rossi, Marketing Communications Manager at Owatec.


With IoT-TICKET, Owatec can gather real-time data and key indicators of the water treatment process into an illustrative form on a computer or mobile device screen. Data views, or dashboards, can be easily modified without coding skills to suit the needs of different users. This way, a number of problems can be solved simultaneously. The customer and Owatec’s experts can check what is happening in the process at any time, and maintenance measures can be planned on a timely basis. In addition, Owatec’s sales and marketing can present the whole process in a visually appealing, illustrative package.

We seek to further develop our service business. IoT-TICKET enables us to deliver the water treatment process as a turnkey service ‘to the customer’s desktop’. In other words, we offer a real-time view of the process that is easy for the customer to understand and easy to follow.

Arttu Kulusjärvi, Process Specialist, Owatec

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