Purso's luminaire sales process was digitalised with Summium

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Purso Oy provides cost and energy efficient professional lighting solutions for public spaces, such as shops, sports halls, offices and other indoor spaces. To improve customer service, scale its operations and digitalise its quoting process, the company adopted the Summium® product family. The internal quoting process for lighting products goes through Summium® CPQ, which receives requests for quotes sent by customers via Summium® Selector. Customers benefit from effortless specification of luminaire types, faster quotation response, and information-rich and easy-to-read product data and documentation. With Summium, the internal quoting process and sales-driven product management have been digitalised and automated.

Purso is a Finnish family-owned company specialising in aluminium solutions, with a core competence in the design and manufacture of aluminium solutions for industry, building facades and lighting. Founded in 1959, Purso currently employs 550 people. The work of the company, which has grown into an international success story, can be seen almost everywhere in people’s daily lives, from industry to the facades and lighting of major buildings.

Digitalisation of the sales process

Purso jumped straight into the 2020s with the introduction of Summium in its quoting process. The main benefit compared to the previous practice comes from speed and service security. Sales staff can focus more effectively on solving customer problems when time is not spent searching for information needed for quotes.

All sales staff, regardless of location, have access to accurate and up-to-date product and price information. The introduction of new people has also been streamlined. The quoting process is linked to Purso’s customer relationship management system, which automatically stores all the data generated by the sales process. Learn more about the Summium® Selector system Purso uses.

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The change in internal processes took place immediately after deployment. The making and sending of quotes is now much faster and the whole process is more secure. In addition, the predictability of operations has improved with more data.

Vesa Eerola, Business Director Lighting, Purso

Smooth customer service is a win-win result for both parties

Purso’s customers benefit from a faster quote response and a standardised quoting process. The richness of information and easy readability of the quote help to outline the solution to be purchased and speed up the review of the quote.

Comparing different luminaire options and choosing the right luminaire for the space is easy because Summium® Selector provides all the feature combinations and the necessary information at a glance. To support lighting design, the customer can download the light distribution file for the product they have configured. “This is a digital service that can be tailored according to customer needs,” says Kai Huittinen, Business Development Manager at Wapice.

“We were very impressed by the professionalism and customer focus of Wapice’s experts,” says Eerola. “Trust and open interaction were present throughout the project. We were on the same side solving issues,” Eerola continues.

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