Scalable IoT solution for machine control systems

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Wapice and Epec have together created an intelligent, comprehensive and scalable IoT solution for machine control systems. Built on Wapice IoT-TICKET® platform, the cloud-based solution is designed to allow Epec customers to make and customise applications to meet their specific needs. Applications are both easy and quick to make, and they can even be implemented without software expertise.

Epec is a Finland-based solution provider focusing on intelligent machine control technologies and helping its customers design and build efficient, environmentally friendly and safe mobile machinery. Epec products are manufactured in Seinäjoki and their customers are leading machine manufacturers around the world. Digitalization and associated innovations offer completely new opportunities for Epec’s customers.

Epec GlobE provides machine manufacturers and users with an IoT solution delivering unprecedented ease of use and allowing users to customise cloud-based applications for their machines. For mobile machine users, this often entails fleet monitoring and optimisation, while the machine manufacturer is interested in performance history which provides clues for improving future machines. The marketing name of the service built on Wapice IoT-TICKET® platform is Epec GlobE, which is a registered trademark of Epec.

– For our customers, it was important to have an IoT platform that would be easy to integrate with Epec’s control system solutions and allow the monitoring of machinery 24/7. For this service, Wapice IoT-TICKET® product has been an excellent solution that enables the use of complex IoT applications as desired by our customers, says Marko Takkula, who is responsible for digitalisation services at Epec.

Epec’s experience with machine control technologies combined with Wapice’s IoT expertise opens up completely new possibilities. Epec has already used IoT-TICKET® to implement IoT solutions for many customers.

Developing new business models based on real-time and historical machine data has never been easier.

Marko Takkula, Business Development Manager, Epec

Markus Mäkelä, Development Director at Wapice, says that strategic cooperation represents a new step for Wapice, as “we can scale the license sales of our IoT-TICKET® product and enable our customers to succeed in their own business.” The cooperation agreement reflects the product’s degree of maturity and suitability for demanding solutions.

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