Summium® CPQ lifted Bronto Skylift’s sales to new heights

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Bronto Skylift, a manufacturer of aerial platforms marketed throughout the world, is happy with the Summium® CPQ sales configurator. This innovative easy-to-use system has given a new boost to the company’s sales efforts.

When Bronto Skylift adopted Wapice’s Summium® CPQ sales configurator, a new era dawned in the company’s sales process. Summium® CPQ proved to be a bull’s eye for Bronto Skylift. It has saved time and money and improved the customer experience across the entire process starting with the generation of quotations.

Summium® CPQ plays an important part in our digitalisation process designed to harmonise and facilitate tendering while making the quotations more detailed and accurate. Adopting the system has improved efficiency across the sales process, says Area sales manager Ville Puustinen from Bronto Skylift.

Bronto Skylift’s products, consisting of a range of hydraulic aerial platforms for industrial uses, including fire trucks, are highly complicated, presenting a number of challenges to the sales staff. The range includes over 50 models which are used as a basis for configuring the final product to exact customer specifications. Additionally, there are hundreds of options and accessories. How to sell a product when the range of variations is huge.

As Summium® CPQ allows us to have all the data required for offer calculation in one location, we’re able to give due consideration for the customer’s individual requirements right from the beginning. This has improved the customer experience, Puustinen says.

A key reason why we selected Wapice’s Summium® CPQ system is that it can be integrated into our Salesforce CRM system.

Ville Puustinen, Area sales manager, Bronto Skylift

Kai Huittinen from Wapice underlines the importance of compatibility:
Thanks to integration, all product configuration data, the quotation, price lists and other up-to-date documents needed by the sales staff are readily available throughout the sales process. The system is also used to manage the sales of ETO (engineer-to-order) modules.

Overall, people at Bronto Skylift have found that Summium® CPQ has improved not only the sales but also the manufacturing process.

Since the system was adopted, we’ve been able to enjoy a good night’s sleep knowing that the customer’s wishes and manufacturing capabilities have been duly taken into account already in the tendering stage, Puustinen adds.

What’s more, the time needed for tendering process has been cut down substantially. Our vision of a smoothly operating digitalisation chain is a seamless system that helps us support the sales efforts of our distributors across the world, Puustinen says.

Bronto Skylift’s Ville Puustinen is also impressed by how easy it was to purchase and deploy Summium® CPQ.
Communications with Wapice were excellent throughout the project, and the work proceeded as agreed. We were provided with a carefully prepared demo and excellent instructions. The acquisition of Summium® CPQ was one of the best purchase processes I’ve ever been involved in.

What is a sales configurator?

Sales configurator is a software used for automating the various stages of the sales process: product selection, pricing and tendering. CPQ is short for Configure, Price, Quote.

Benefits offered by Summium® CPQ to Bronto Skylift

  • Facilitates the sale of complex products customised to exact customer specifications
  • Saves time and money in preparing quotations
  • Improves predictability and reporting features when integrated into the CRM system
  • Part of Bronto Skylift’s digitalisation process that supports the sales efforts of distributors across the world

Article image: © Bronto Skylift