Summium® CPQ takes Ekeri’s sales process to a new level

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Ekeri uses the Wapice-developed Summium® CPQ sales configurator to accelerate the sales of side-opening trailer units. Summium CPQ brings uniformity and perfection to company sales as well as expedites recovery of sales proceeds. The goal is to speed up the sales process by cutting the time used for bidding by one third.

Ekeri Oy is the European market leader for side-opening trailers. Ekeri offers its customers a wide range of trailers and related accessories, such as fastening systems and storage boxes. What is special about the products is the fact that they open out on the side, which greatly facilitates loading and unloading by customers.

Ekeri will deploy the Summium CPQ solution to help its salespersons with their daily work. The solution is used together with the CRM system to digitise and control the entire sales process. It also automatically produces all the key documents needed for sales. With this solution, salespersons will always have access to up-to-date information and the right prices for the products.

Summium CPQ also allows Ekeri salespersons to sell customised products. In addition, order information can be sent to the ERP system with a single push of a button, which further facilitates the sales process.

Digitalisation of sales provides cost efficiency for the entire business. When the sales system interacts with the ERP system, the benefits are reflected throughout the production process.

Johan Österholm, System Developer, Ekeri

The versatility of Summium CPQ serves well a wide range of products and makes it easy to take the sales process to the next level. It is ideally suited to companies that sell complex products and services through their own sales organisation or resellers.

– A web browser based application is always available to salespersons regardless of time and place. Language versions and country-specific settings make it an excellent tool also for export staff, comments Pauli Perasto, Sales Manager at Wapice.

People at Ekeri are pleased with the cooperation. – Everything went splendidly, the entire development process was without hitches and any issues were openly talked about, summarises Matti Laurila, CEO of Ekeri. – The project cost estimate and schedule were also accurate. We are well positioned to continue our business, Laurila adds.

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