Wapice traveled to sunny Järvisydän

Wapice's annual trip this year took us to Järvisydän, where we enjoyed various activities and the atmosphere of the spa with over 130 Wapice employees. The beautiful lake views, hiking in nature, boat trip, and Savonian games were the highlights of the day. In the evening, we had the opportunity to celebrate and enjoy the bubbles in Järvisydän's spa.

Wapice has a tradition of holding an annual gathering at different locations around Finland. In recent years, travel destinations have included Ruka's ski slopes and Herrankukkaro in Naantali. These trips have offered a variety of activities, togetherness, and good food. We asked both new arrivals and long-term Wapice employees about their experiences at Järvisydän and why they personally consider these trips important.

Wapiceans on a cruise

Picture: Antti Koukkanen

"The overall feeling about the trip to Järvisydän was very positive, and the place definitely exceeded all expectations. There were so many activities that there was no time to get bored, and they were pleasantly diverse. On Jyrki's nature trip, you could even get some exercise.

In my opinion these trips bring people closer together. Especially nowadays, when many people work remotely, it’s nice to meet face-to-face with Wapice employees you’ve only talked to via Teams. Personal encounters also lower the threshold to, for example, ask for advice from people who aren’t in your project." – Markus Multamäki, Software Designer.


Picture: Antti Koukkanen

"As a location, Järvisydän was excellent, with amazing nature all around and countless opportunities to try different things such as hiking, cycling, kayaking, and much more. I participated in the Savonian games myself, and they were really enjoyable since the activities were very diverse. Overall, it was a successful trip, although it took a while to recover afterward because the good parties extended well into the night on both evenings.

Company trips are extremely important for networking. On these trips, you get to put a 'face' to many voices from Teams, and it becomes much easier to connect with others afterward once you've met in person. Many good conversations happen at these events, both about leisure activities and work-related matters. Sometimes later, you remember that you discussed something with someone on a company trip, and then you reach out to them to go over the matter in more detail. Often, after these trips, you have a new contact with whom it is easier to connect regarding work issues." – Jari Forsell, Supply Chain Manager.


Picture: Antti Koukkanen

"The trip to Järvisydän was a success, and everyone had the opportunity to come from all over Finland. Overall, there was a good amount of activity, and I liked that you could choose what to participate in or whether to participate at all. The activities themselves were fun to do and didn't take up the whole day, so afterward, you could play cards and get to know your colleagues. Järvisydän was a great location, much better than just a hotel, as we had our own community but still a room where you could sleep peacefully.

Company trips allow you to see who works in the company, and I think these trips significantly enhance the sense of togetherness. In the future, I hope for more similar trips more often!" – Valtteri Hukkanen, Sales Account Manager.


Picture: järvisydän.fi

"The experiences at Järvisydän were wonderful. The place was beautiful, the weather was great, and the activities were fun and interesting. I enjoyed getting out into nature and being active, as well as seeing the beauty of Eastern Finland. The little boat trip was also very nice. Järvisydän as a location was really impressive, and it felt like a privilege to go there on a company trip. However, I think the best places for company trips are those without outsiders. In such places, the group doesn't scatter as easily, and it's easier to get to know new people when you know everyone is from Wapice.

On company trips, you meet Wapice employees you might not otherwise encounter. It's always nice to get to know people face-to-face, and working online is more pleasant after you've met and talked in person. On these trips, titles and work matters are set aside, and the focus is on having fun. We also have such a great team that it has always been fun and surely will continue to be. The atmosphere is relaxed, and I feel like I can be myself. Not everyone is excited about the same things, but there's always someone who shares similar interests, and with whom you can find alternative activities. I'm already looking forward to the next event." – Leena Kari, Financial Manager.

Wapice wishes a sunny summer!

Lassi Niemistö canoeing

Picture: Johan Skjäl

Article images: © Wapice employees