5G mmWave is one of the key technologies of smart cities

Wapice and its partners implemented the smart solution for Nokia Arena in Tampere using 5G mmWave technology. Wapice was responsible for the artificial intelligence solution that monitored and optimized human flows related to the World Hockey Championships.

"5G mmWave is a wireless, high-speed technology that makes it possible to build a smarter urban environment wirelessly. This brings flexibility and significant cost savings. For example, a camera can cost a few hundred, but running the wires for it costs thousands of euros. This is the reason why wireless is talked about so much," says Jari Kuusisto, who is responsible for Smart City solutions at Wapice.

Briefly: 5G vs. 5G mmWave

  • 5G generally refers to fifth generation data connections.
  • The technology uses three different frequency ranges, just like in 4G technology.
  • 5G mmWave is the highest of these frequency ranges (24-100 GHz) and it enables higher data transfer rates and shorter response times than the lower frequency ranges below 6 GHz and below 2 GHz.

The City of Tampere's Executive Director Teppo Rantanen and Wapice's Product Manager Jari Kuusisto discuss in this video how 5G mmWave technology plays a central role in building Smart Cities. Video not working? Click here to watch.

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Jari Kuusisto, like other players in the field, sees unprecedented opportunities in wireless technology.

"In future applications, the short response time will become central, for example in safety risk situations, if the sensing of the urban environment is to be combined for example with the artificial intelligence control systems of vehicles", commented Jari Kuusisto.

5G mmWave technology can be utilized in several different smart city solutions, for example in applications related to sustainable traffic or observing the maintenance of the urban environment.

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