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Aiming for a happier energy user

Online energy monitoring services are the most used services by energy companies and provide an excellent interface with end customers. An engaging and inclusive energy service improves the image of companies and is also reflected in customer commitment.

With EcoReaction, you can offer your customers the best service and help them manage and monitor their own energy use accurately and effortlessly.

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From energy companies to property managers

Wapice’s EcoReaction is Finland’s leading and most advanced energy reporting system. Our goal is to provide your customers with the best service. Over the past 12 years, we have moved from consumer-oriented energy reporting to comprehensive energy data management. Our customer base consists of energy, district heating, gas and water companies, but we offer services to all industries that need energy reporting in an easy-to-understand format.

We currently operate in the following markets:

  • Electricity supply and distribution companies
  • District heating companies
  • Water companies
  • Gas companies
  • Property managers
  • Real estate management and maintenance
  • Cities and municipalities
  • Large commercial premises, production facilities

Datahub-compatible solution to energy data management

Fingrid’s Datahub and 15-minute reporting interval will radically change the energy market. EcoReaction provides support for these future changes.

As a cloud-based service, EcoReaction quickly scales to changes in user load and can be easily upgraded without service outages. If you need full control, the service can also be installed in your preferred server environment. At Wapice, we believe that a happy customer is your best possible customer.

EcoReaction integrations

EcoReaction’s potential

EcoReaction consists of modules that can be purchased together or separately. Build the solution you want and provide the best service to your end users.

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  • Latest usage data on the home page
  • Usage tracking (kWh/€)
  • Monitoring your own production
  • Usage tracking by measurement types (tariffs)
  • Specific consumption
  • Active/reactive power report
  • Comparison with others
  • Comparison of consumption history
  • Distribution of consumption by day of the week, month and hour
  • Outdoor temperature
  • Report download in CSV and PDF format
  • Spot price


  • Price optimisation / search for the best product
  • Grouping functions
  • Objective setting
  • Speculator
  • Usage location data
  • Calendar entries
  • Alarms
  • Choosing a usage location and customer

Functional characteristics

  • Clustering support
  • Cloud-compatible (AWS and Azure)
  • Responsive
  • Support for multiple time zones
  • Support for multiple languages
  • Fully customisable

EcoReaction screenshot of mobile version


  • Latest news
  • Network outage information
  • FAQs

Billing and contract information

  • Contract information
  • Invoice details

Artificial intelligence

  • Artificial intelligence forecasts
  • Data analytics
  • Consumption profiles

Mobile app

The mobile app is designed for everyday monitoring of energy consumption. It not only allows users to see the key figures at a glance, but also enables more detailed data analysis and management of contract and billing data.

Browser-based application

The browser-based application is designed for all customers, but it brings added value especially to power users who want even more from the service. The service provides comprehensive tools for comparisons, annotations, budgeting, and data retrieval in tabular form. The browser-based application also scales to mobile use and includes the same functionalities as the mobile app.


The EcoReaction REST API is the invisible workhorse of the service that delivers data to user interfaces. It ensures that the data displayed in the various services is secure and does not pose GDPR risks. The API also enables functionalities built by third parties and seamless integration with other services.

The EcoReaction REST API enables an ecosystem approach, where different systems support each other.


  • Data retrieval for all user interface functions
  • Millisecond as the smallest unit of time
  • Operates efficiently and verifiably (call times ~100 ms per call) up to 40 billion detection units
  • Clustering support
  • Cloud-compatible (AWS and Azure)
  • Swagger documentation

Integration platform and ecosystem

A system is nothing without data. The EcoReaction integration platform supports a wide range of systems and data sources including:

Billing systems, e.g.

  • Ropo Capital
  • Strålfors
  • Paytrail Payment Outage data
  • Trimble DMS
  • ABB DMS Customer data:
  • Datahub
  • Empower Enerim CIS REST API
  • SAF time series format
  • Customer data in CSV format
  • Price data in CSV format Communication
  • Kuulalaakeri SMS
  • Wapice Weather API
  • Single Sign-On -protokollat
    • OpenID Connect
    • SAML

Additional Information