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It’s all about Smart.

Wapice Energy Services offer a complete turnkey solution for energy companies and their customers. Intelligent and comprehensive energy services can be used to cover the customer's needs for managing contracts and invoices and monitoring energy consumption and production. With the service package, you can easily and cost-effectively compile the right service package for yourself and your customers.

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  • Online Services

    • Contract management
    • Invoicing
    • Profiled infos

    EcoReaction Services

    • Consumption
      • Electricity
      • District heating
      • District cooling
      • Water
      • Gas
    • Goal settings
    • Alarms
      • E-mail
      • SMS
      • Push notifications
    • Distributed production
  • External Data Services

    • Open data API
    • Weather
    • Data warehouse

    Smart Energy Services

    • Dynamic customer profiling by decision trees
    • Adaptive forecasting
    • Consumption data validation and correction
    • Automated energy trading
    • Demand response
    • Distributed production monitoring

    Cloud Services

    • Distributed computing with AWS Lambda
    • AWS API Gateway
    • Serverless Framework

Smarter Service

Wapice Energy Services flexibly adapt to the different needs of customer service. We can build a 24/7 customer service package that allows customers to make contract changes, monitor their consumption data and invoices, and review the latest intelligent consumption forecasts.

From our Energy Services you will find solutions for online services, reporting services and artificial intelligence analysis. You can compile an energy production monitoring solution as well as statutory consumption reporting from the services. You can also build online customer services and smart metering correction and validation calculations. Our Energy Services respond to the changing needs and demands of energy customers and decision-makers.

Open Interfaces

Wapice Energy Services have an open interface. You can use the collected and refined information both in internal reporting and in external services. You can also extend the service by importing information from other systems. For valuable information about consumption forecasting, add weather information to your services with, for instance, Weather API.

This consumer service is both simple and risk-free and it is delivered as a seamless part of the partner company's own service supply.

What interests your customer?

Energy is the same to your customer, no matter where you buy it. For your customer, only the service separates your energy company from other energy companies. From Wapice Energy Services, you can build a modular service package that meets your customer’s needs. You just choose the right pieces.

Contact us to customize your brand-new customer service package with Wapice Energy Services.

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