Give consumers a clear view on their energy usage.
Give them a tool for planning, reporting and learning.
Give them... ECOREACTION.

Browser-based CIM-solution

Wapice Ltd is an experienced expert in the energy industry's systems and a forerunner in service development. The company is developing, in co-operation with other AMR-operators, a new kind of business that will benefit the whole energy industry.

EcoReaction is a web browser based CIM (Consumption Information Management) solution that improves the energy efficiency and supports environmental goals. It brings additional value to the energy company's customer service by providing the customers with a user-friendly interface with which they can monitor, plan and predict their energy consumption.

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Sensible Energy Consumption

With EcoReaction the consumers get information on their own energy consumption whenever they need it the most, regardless of whether the customer service is open or not. Additionally, it provides useful comparison data and presents the user's consumption history. A good energy company offers its customers the most modern tools for energy management.

Products are easy and fast to install in different service environments and they adapt to any changes in these entirities. The company possesses great expertise in the energy industry's systems. We are able to implement the interfaces and connect to the energy company's information systems.

EcoReaction screenshot of desktop version
Ecoreaction screenshot

Get everything out of AMR investments

With EcoReaction the energy company can strengthen customer loyalty and have a positive effect on their business image. It is a part of network companies' new and necessary infrastructure. The product brings additional value to customer service by giving the consumers tools for indicating the reliability of both metering and invoicing - it offers the possibility to benefit from all AMR investments in metering electricity, district heating and cooling, water and natural gas.

This consumer service is both simple and risk-free and it is delivered as a seamless part of the partner company's own service supply.

EcoReaction screenshot of desktop versionEcoReaction screenshot of mobile version
Ecoreaction screenshot

Flexible Deployment

Wapice supplies this consumer service solution as a seamless part of the client company’s own web content; the product will always be tailored to match the energy company’s own personal visual image that the customers have already grown accustomed to. EcoReaction can be deployed either as a one-time investment or as an easy service provided by Wapice.



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