New WRM247LTE IoT gateway released

Wapice has developed the next generation WRM (Wapice Remote Monitoring) IoT gateway device for data-acquisition and edge computing purposes to support the needs of our industrial customers and to provide a pin compatible upgrade option for our existing customers. With two decades of experience from IoT gateway device production, the new "LTE" variant is the third WRM247 branded device from Wapice.

WRM247 LTE device

New Key Features

  • Cellular technology LTE network support in addition to older 3G and 2G technologies: LTE technologies achieve better coverage with lesser power consumption.

  • Low-power mode support: In addition to small improvements in general power consumption, the new device supports different SW and HW level low-power modes. This enables new exciting use cases such as system startup in few hundreds of milliseconds using wake-on IO/bus activity features.

  • Improved GPS: The new GNSS received supports multiple location tracking technologies and offers better overall positioning operation and accuracy.

  • Improved positioning: From GPS to GNSS, the new global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) receiver supports GPS, GLONASS, Beidou and Galileo satellite systems, offering better overall positioning operation and accuracy.

  • Upgraded WLAN/WPAN hardware: Based on prototype device user experiences, the reliability & range in harsh real-life industrial environments has improved.

  • Robust and high-quality cast aluminum casing: WRM247LTE replaces the old plastic casing with IP65 rated, ultra-tough aluminum casing.

  • More memory for user applications: To address our customer wishes, we have doubled the RAM size for the new model, making it possible to implement much more memory intensive application than before.

  • Upgraded real-time Linux OS: With the introduction of WRM247LTE, the WRM247-series Linux kernel has been upgraded to Linux 5.x series. This ensures that our customers will benefit from the latest Linux features and security upgrades, and helps to ensure the longevity of the SW platform. Wapice is also committed to upgrading the kernel version in the future, as has now been done for the older WRM247+ product.

  • Designed and manufactured in Finland.

The new WRM247LTE is now in production and stocked at Wapice. For inquiries & ordering, please contact