Wapice in TeekkariWappu, Tampere

Wapice is proud to be one of the main sponsors at TeekkariWappu, so come and see how the first year TUT students are “dipped” into Tammerkoski!

In this year, there will be a fancy Wapice ad and IoT-Ticket installed into the other dew basket. Via IoT-Ticket we will collect various measurements related to the dew, for example the time basket is in the water, the volume of screaming students, the maximum lifting height and the water temperature. You can follow the real-time data on https://teekkarikaste.wapice.com.

See you at Koskipuisto in 1st of May. The event starts at 13:00 o’clock!

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Picture: TT-Kamerat, Sami Lamminen