Security Assessment

The Security Assessment is a process where security expert uses his/her knowledge and experience to spot problems and recommend changes to improve security.

Use cases

  • Reduce risk of loss of customer trust or revenue due to incident downtime and lost sales
  • Maintain stakeholder expectations and avoid penalties due to contracts or law
  • Reduce incidents that take focus away from the actual business
  • Get rid of Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD). Unclear security may misdirect efforts
  • Identify any technical gaps relating to GDPR

Value Proposition

  • Allows identifying and resolving security issues. The assessment improves security understanding, and this helps avoiding similar items in future.
  • Learning about security reduce rework due to security, and increase efficiency of security work.
  • Opportunity for process improvement. Root causes for identified issues often point to gaps in secure development life cycle. Assessment may also validate success of already done security improvements.
  • Support decision making with factual information about current state of security. Identifies technical debt relating to security for planning.

Additional Information