Controlling product variations with Summium CPQ

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HögforsGST digitises its sales processes using Wapice Summium® CPQ system. The company uses the CPQ system to configure and price its district heating systems as well as to make offers and orders in Finland, Sweden and Norway. The solution speeds up sales and streamlines communication with the factory.

HögforsGST is an innovative Finnish expert in district heating systems whose product range is suitable for all properties with district heating and cooling, from detached houses to large offices or commercial properties. The company is the market leader in heat distribution centres for district heating and cooling as well as in hybrid heating and cooling solutions for properties.

HögforsGST uses the Summium® CPQ system as a sales configurator to price different product variations and produce documentation both for customers and for their own use, from sales to production. Summium® CPQ is used to produce quotation material, including both commercial and technical documentation. And approved offers are easily turned into orders in the system.

Summium® CPQ is a tool used for facilitating the offer-to-order process, enabling more efficient management of product variations as well as faster sales. ERP integration ensures faster transfer of orders into the ERP system.

Jari Takkunen, Systems Expert, HögforsGST

HögforsGST solves the heating problems of its client with sustainable and environmentally friendly systems, and customises its products to fit the property concerned. “We are pleased to be able to support HögforsGST with Summium® CPQ to make Finland more energy efficient,” says Pauli Perasto, Sales Manager at Wapice.

Summium® CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) is a powerful sales configurator that helps companies sell complex products and services. The salesperson can easily configure a product and service package according to customer needs, determine a price for it and collect tender documents. Wapice has been developing the tool in close cooperation with industrial companies since 2000, and today it is used to sell more than EUR 2 billion worth of Finnish export products a year. Summium® CPQ is part of the Summium product family.

Article image: ©HögforsGST