Wapice’s diagnostic solution for Junttan’s piling machines

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Digitalisation has provided Junttan with a completely new service network and enabled efficient use of data in its operations. Data is collected and monitored systematically, and powerful diagnostics allow quick and easy access to failures!

Junttan Oy is a Finnish pioneer in developing piling equipment that designs and manufactures high-quality hydraulic piling machines. The company has long, almost 40 years’ experience in developing and manufacturing its products. Junttan’s product range is comprised of the world’s leading pile driving machines, multi-purpose and drilling machines, stabilising machines as well as hydraulic piling hammers, piling drills and power units.

Wapice provides Junttan with an efficient diagnostic solution with the WRM247 Edge device. The device is connected to Junttan’s piling machines at the factory to enable collection of data in Junttan’s proprietary Fleet Management service. Wapice’s IoT-TICKET® solution is also used to interface with the Fleet Management service and provide users with graphical views of desired data.

Junttan’s goal was to access and analyse data on piling machines to quickly troubleshoot machine failures. Piling equipment is generally located in difficult conditions around the world and responding to failures has been time consuming and expensive.

The solution provided by Wapice has facilitated remote diagnostics, as the collected data can support both our own personnel and customers around the world if the need arises. The solution is useful not only for troubleshooting and servicing, but also in the sense that it allows machine owners to keep track of where the machines are and what their utilisation rate is, which helps to schedule periodic maintenance.

Tomi Voutilainen, Head of Product Management, Junttan

– Customers are an important part of Junttan’s product development process, and we are currently exploring ways to make the service even more comprehensive, says Markus Mäkelä, Development Director at Wapice. It is very important to us that our customers are able to serve their clients as well as possible and satisfy their changing needs.

Article image: © Junttan