EcoReaction provides energy consumption data for Vaasan Sähkö's mobile service

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Vaasan Sähkö has chosen Wapice’s EcoReaction solution for use in its mobile service. The solution enables the company to offer even better customer service, as customers can now manage their energy issues and monitor their energy consumption easily and securely. Consumption data is brought directly from Wapice’s EcoReaction solution using its comprehensive interfaces.

Vaasan Sähkö is an energy company founded in Vaasa in 1892, which has grown into a strong group of energy companies over the years. The focus of operations is on electricity trading, district heating and electricity transmission. Vaasan Sähkö supplies Vaasa-based electricity throughout Finland. The group employs 120 people.

Reliable tools for the agile further development of services

The EcoReaction platform is part of Wapice’s comprehensive energy services package, providing turnkey solutions for energy companies and their customers. The platform enables an efficient way to create new digital services and integrate third-party interfaces and mobile solutions into the ecosystem. Using the EcoReaction solution, Vaasan Sähkö has implemented a reliable energy monitoring platform and a mobile user interface on top of it.

Consumption data

Third-party mobile application that retrieves data from Wapice EcoReaction product. Login uses the IAM user management service provided by Wapice.

Vaasan Sähkö aims at providing its customers with Finland’s most comprehensive mobile service, which is constantly being developed. Currently, customers can use the service to monitor their electricity consumption, make comparisons with previous years or check current issues, such as power grid failures. The next step in Wapice’s and Vaasan Sähkö’s cooperation is to develop the service to meet customer needs.

Our aim is to continuously improve the service. Next, we will include district heating data in the service, as well as enable invoice management. We also want to pay more attention to emissions and encourage our customers to reduce their carbon footprint – EcoReaction has excellent tools for this.

Jens Brokvist, Technology Specialist, Vaasan Sähkö

"EcoReaction’s comprehensive interfaces make it easy and fast to develop new services. This is called the API economy, which is very useful when you want to give third parties the opportunity to further develop services," says Jukka Hämäläinen, EcoReaction Product Manager at Wapice.

Wapice’s solution has opened up many new opportunities for Vaasan Sähkö. The service currently has more than 1000 active users per day and the number is growing.

Consumption data brought into the mobile app without compromising security

During the project, special attention was also paid to security and ease of login. Wapice provided Vaasan Sähkö with a modern and innovative Single Sign-On (SSO) system for user management as well as an identity and access management (IAM) service that allows customers to register and log in to the service securely.

"We are delighted that the cooperation has been so agile, open and imaginative. Now we have a sound basis to build on and plan new steps. In the future, we intend to extend the SSO solution to other Vaasa Electricity systems," Brokvist concludes.

Article images: © Vaasan Sähkö