Helen Sävel Plus for monitoring energy consumption

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The Sävel Plus service is based on Wapice EcoReaction application, which brings the consumption data gathered by AMR meters to the energy consumers’ reach. In addition to real-time consumption information, the service provides useful comparison data on energy usage and helps consumers to reduce energy consumption efficiently.

Satisfied energy consumer as the grand goal

Helen Ltd. is one of the largest energy companies in Finland producing and selling electricity, district heating and district cooling. Helen is the key energy distributor in Helsinki metropolitan area, and plans to do their part in slowing down the climate change by offering energy saving guidance to consumers.

Based on the Wapice EcoReaction product, Sävel Plus service offers its customers the possibility to monitor the energy consumption of their home or company even by the hour. This helps customers to plan and cut down on their energy use. After all, the most vital environmental decision is to reach this goal is to avoid unnecessary energy usage.

From the consumer’s perspective, the most important thing is to present all energy consumption related data in an easily understandable form. By using a service that enables full consumption information management, the benefit of AMR-meters can be harnessed effectively. Service can be also used on mobile devices.

EcoReaction is a part of Wapice Energy Services offering a complete turnkey solution for energy companies and their customers. Intelligent and comprehensive energy services can be used to cover the customer's needs for managing contracts and invoices and monitoring energy consumption and production.

Screenshot of Helen's Sävel Plus.

Screenshot of Helen's Sävel Plus.

Article image: ©Helen