Powering sales with 3D product configuration

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Nokia-based Molok Ltd. is an expert in waste treatment devices and procedures, whose business has developed around the original invention of SYVÄKERÄYS® system. The company is the market leader in its segment, with exports already accounting for over 70% of the turnover.

Together with Molok, Wapice implemented a sales configurator tailored to their needs, with the aim of facilitating the sale and ordering of trash bins. Summium® CPQ sales configurator enhances the offer-order process, especially through streamlined communications between sales, product development and manufacturing.

Configuring Molok's products in the Summium® CPQ sales configurator.

Molok's product portfolio consists of a variety of deep collection and surface collection systems that are sold worldwide to municipalities, construction companies, housing companies, waste management companies and private consumers. There are a lot of container models, and as there are different needs for each property, sales can't be done without a configurator.

With Summium® CPQ, a Molok vendor can build a bid at the customer's premises and instantly show in 3D how the choices affect the functionality and appearance of the container groups. Additional services such as cargo, installation or spare parts may also be attached to the invitation to tender (ITT). The seller then sends the visual offer to the designer who checks the validity of the configuration and the customer then receives a visual offer of the containers. If the offer is accepted, the designer can change the offer directly to an order. Changes can be made before delivery, and the prices are automatically updated by the configurator.

Following the introduction of Summium® CPQ, the sales process at Molok has become more efficient and several manual work phases have been eliminated. The seller only needs one tool to sell the products, and because the tool ensures that the configuration rules are followed, the accuracy of the configuration depends less on the seller's memory and expertise.

Hannes Salonen, Production Planner and System Expert, Molok

The 3D image accurately illustrates the product being sold, which in turn facilitates the customer's purchasing decision. The time taken to bid has also decreased. Adding a new product to the system is easy and can be done by a single person, says Salonen.

Learn more about Summium® Selector system used by Molok. It enables requesting for quotations or maintenance and online ordering of products.

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