Hydoring digitalized its sales process from request for quotation to order

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The primary objective of Hydoring’s sales digitalisation project was to add value to the end customer’s purchasing experience and to improve the company’s business efficiency by facilitating the work of the sales force.

Hydoring Oy is a company specialising in the manufacture of hydraulic cylinders and power units. The product range is extensive with hundreds of size variations. All products are manufactured to order according to the customer’s individual needs, and the configuration of the products involves a lot of technical dimensioning and calculation.

The company needed to streamline product sales, speed up the quotation and ordering process, and facilitate the work of customers’ designers when they design hydraulic cylinders as part of their own products. Hydoring chose Wapice’s Summium® Selector and Summium® CPQ systems, which have significantly changed the way the company operates, from request for quotation to tender and from order to resource planning.

Today, Hydoring´s customers can use Summium® Selector to configure the hydraulic cylinders they need, obtain all the necessary technical information and send a request for quotation to Hydoring. Thanks to the Solid Works integration, the customer also receives an accurate dimensional drawing and a 3D model of the product by email, which they can incorporate into their own designs. Built on the company’s website, Summium® Selector brings the familiar buying habits from the consumer side to the B2B side.

The request for quotation sent by the customer is stored in the Summium® CPQ system, allowing Hydoring’s salesperson to price the products and make an offer to the customer directly from the request for quotation. The system generates a complete item structure for the product, which is automatically sent to the ERP system at the order stage. System integration ensures that the salesperson always has access to the latest product information and prices.

“The Summium® digital sales platform connects the customer and the salesperson in a completely new way in one sales process. Summium® Selector and Summium® CPQ help to build a guided sales process that automates and speeds up the quotation and ordering processes for complex products that require precision”, says Kai Huittinen, Wapice’s Business Development Manager.

Hydoring’s ICT expert Mikko Mellanen says that the Summium® system has been a good solution for the company, and they have also received positive feedback about the new tool from their customers.

Our customers get all the product information and 3D models they need from the system in just a few minutes and without a salesperson, whereas before it could take days to find the needed information, make calculations and draw 3D models. Through Summium® Selector, we have even gained new customers without any separate marketing efforts.

Mikko Mellanen, ICT expert, Hydoring Oy

Hydoring was largely able to build the system cost-effectively themselves, relying on the architecture built by and the training and support provided by Wapice. Smooth communication ensured the success of the project, and both parties are satisfied with the outcome.

“The training, broken down into suitably small chunks, made it easy to become familiar with the system. Thanks to the training, the various items, the dimension data table and the product sizing criteria could be smoothly built into the system”, says Mellanen.

“Wapice’s expertise is second to none and help has always been available when needed. Good communication and seamless cooperation between Wapice, Hydoring’s IT department, salespersons and engineers enabled the project to be successfully completed”, concludes Mellanen.

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