Summium CPQ simplified the work of Kasten dealers

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Constructor Finland Oy, operating under the traditional Kasten brand, is part of the world’s leading steel furniture manufacturer Gonvarri Material Handling, which has 5 factories and 21 sales companies around the world. The company specialises in storage solutions, and one of its product groups is vertical lift machines, which offer both storage and picking capabilities.

Benefits enhanced by Summium® CPQ to Kasten

  • Streamlines the process of creating complex product and pricing rules, making it quick and effortless
  • Efficiently serve the sales efforts of the company’s distributors worldwide, considering the needs of different user groups and their perspectives
  • Saves time spent on preparing offers and reduces the possibility of errors
  • Is easy to implement

The aim was to create a modern Web-based tool for the configuration and pricing of vertical lift machines, allowing all retailers to define the parameters of storage machines themselves and create a quote for them. Previously, quotations were mainly prepared manually using an Excel file at the Lohja office, but now the newly introduced Summium CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) tool reduces routine tasks and errors, and replaces the use of Excel tool.

Kasten offers its dealers more productive tools and systems to sell semi- automated storage machines

The Summium CPQ system guides the dealer through the configuration process and assists in the configuration definition of customisable automated storage systems and in the fast and accurate creation of quotation documents. The CPQ system combines three different stages of the sales process: configuration or product specification, pricing, and the creation of the quote itself. All the information needed by the customer and the seller is easily manageable and publishable. The quotation document is quickly generated based on the customer’s needs and can be sent directly to the customer from the system. The application significantly reduces the time spent by dealers on product entries, allowing them to focus on other essential sales-related tasks.

Kasten has speeded up and improved the quotation process for their warehouse automation solutions using Summium CPQ tool, allowing the majority of the company’s dealers to now handle the quotation process themselves.

Ulla Hörkkö, Export Manager, Kasten / Constructor Finland Oy

In the Summium CPQ system, the implementation was carried out in phases. First, the Tornado vertical lift machine was introduced, which is now available to dealers, and later the next-generation GonvaLift will be implemented. As well as adding content, the system’s user groups will be expanded in a controlled way, first to Europe and later to other continents. There are currently about thirty users, and the training of new users is ensured before granting system access rights. The system is maintained, and its use monitored centrally from the company’s office in Lohja.

Screenshot of Summium CPQ

Simplicity and transparency make for a good customer experience

The dealers have taken to the new system well, as it has made their daily work much easier. Ease of deployment and faster quoting process are among the key factors that have enabled us to create higher-quality proposals, offer superior service as well as provide rapid improvement in the customer experience. Ulla Hörkkö estimates that in her case the time spent on bidding has been reduced by 75%, from two days a week to half a day per week.

Kasten’s dealers can now independently build multiple alternative solutions to suit the needs of the site without contacting Lohja’s sales personnel, freeing up time for other tasks at the Lohja office. The company’s transparency has improved, as all the information needed by customers and sellers is easily manageable and accessible.

The Swedish and German resellers have actively participated in the development of the configurator. “After the implementation of Summium CPQ, we have received a lot of positive feedback from them,” says Hörkkö. For example, Shaun Sutton, a Sales Engineer at Constructor UK, who uses the Summium CPQ configurator on a daily basis comments, “The new online sales configurator is fantastic.”

Why Wapice’s solution?

One of the main reasons why Kasten chose Wapice’s Summium CPQ solution was that Wapice had experience with similar projects and had references to draw on for technical capabilities and experience. “We were convinced that Wapice’s solutions were reliable and proven and that they could tailor a solution that was just right for us,” says Hörkkö.

The Technical Director, Pepe Salo, involved in the vendor selection process, emphasizes the selection of Wapice based on its technical capabilities. “The new application has proven to be an excellent tool. Its implementation has been smooth, and creating complex product and pricing rules can be done with just a few clicks. There are very few update disruptions, and they are performed during off-peak hours, minimizing any impact on our operations,” Hörkkö praises the functionality of the solution.

“The new application has proven to be an excellent tool. Its implementation has been smooth, and creating complex product and pricing rules can be done with just a few clicks. There are very few update disruptions, and they are performed during off-peak hours, minimizing any impact on our operations,” Hörkkö praises the functionality of the solution.

How was the cooperation?

Overall, the cooperation went very well. Kasten is happy with the cooperation, and this provides a good basis for further work and development. Although there were challenges during the project, they were mainly due to Kasten’s own demands for change. Building the visual aspect of the configurator was challenging and required a significant amount of work. However, the end result was very straightforward, and users are satisfied.

An important factor for the success of the project was smooth communication with the system developer. The client’s needs and requirements were understood, and the work was done in cooperation. This ensured that the end result met Kasten’s needs.

–  I have to admit that the target stage wasn’t very clear for us when we started the project. However, Wapice always responded quickly to all our requests and communication was good. Our needs and goals were listened to and acted upon, Hörkkö says.

Main lessons learned from the project

“One of the biggest challenges of our project was to implement optimization and visualization of the warehouse automation’s shelf allocation calculation, taking into account the constraints of the automation system and the needs of different user groups. It was great to once again see how the Summium CPQ system performs these more demanding product calculation requirements,” says Kai Huittinen, Wapice’s Business Development Manager.

Hörkkö says she has been positively surprised by how easy and flexible it has been to use the application. A large amount of information is updated for all users to see, and since the steps to use the system are logical, it is easy to teach how to use it.

The progress and monitoring of the project also received positive feedback from the client. The monitoring reports made it easy for people who were not actually involved in the project to follow the progress of the project and what was still needed. The benefits we gained from the project have brought new ideas and opportunities for further use.

“In hindsight, the challenges we faced at the beginning of the project could have been avoided with better initial planning and by exploring our own needs. However, as the project progressed, the ideas became more specific and it was important that Wapice was able to respond to changes and additional needs immediately,” Hörkkö comments.

–  During the deployment, we have gained a lot of valuable experience, which has helped us learn how to proactively respond to future challenges. We have also identified our future needs and better understood how to make wider use of our tool and further improve the efficiency of our operations. Adding a new product to the configurator has proven to be a seamless and fast process. Currently, we are focusing on the development of the GonvaLift warehouse automation system and its phased implementation of users, Hörkkö concludes.

What is a sales configurator?
Sales configurator is software used for automating the various stages of the sales process: product selection, pricing, and tendering. CPQ is short for Configure, Price, Quote.