Summium® CPQ streamlines the pricing of stair solutions

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Westwood Oy Ab uses Wapice’s Summium® CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) system to price its products and prepare quotes. This tool makes it easy and quick to price a customised stair solution. In addition, the ready-made quotes in Summium® CPQ help predict future sales and plan new products.

Westwood Oy Ab is a company specialising in the manufacture and installation of wooden stairs and railings, whose customers include consumers, suppliers of prefabricated houses, and large construction companies. Each staircase is tailor-made according to specific dimensions and customer needs. Stairs and railings are manufactured at the Uusikaarlepyy factory which more than 50 years of experience.

Summium® CPQ guides and streamlines Westwood’s sales operations by allowing only such stair combinations to be offered that are practically feasible. In addition, it eliminates many of the pricing and bidding challenges that have occurred in the past, such as price changes due to product upgrades. It has also been possible to abandon spreadsheet applications previously used for pricing. Wapice also takes care of the maintenance of the tool.

The response time to changes in customer needs has been shortened, as it is easy to make different versions of the same quote. Summium® CPQ also automatically creates quote templates with prices and pictures, making them up-to-date and consistent across the entire sales channel.

Stefan Nyman, Sales Manager, Westwood

Summium® CPQ is a powerful sales configurator that helps companies sell complex products and services. The salesperson can easily configure a product and service package according to customer needs, determine a price for it and collect tender documents. The quote-to-order process becomes more efficient, especially through more streamlined communication between the sales, product development and manufacturing teams, Pauli Perasto, Sales Manager at Wapice, concludes.

Article image: ©Westwood