UPM Energy offers future-proof energy management with BeyondSpot® service

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Smart energy management to mitigate risks, create cost savings and get revenue from energy trading. The service is powered by Wapice’s IoT-TICKET® platform.

As one of the biggest energy producers in Finland, UPM Energy has been following the changing energy markets closely. Climate change, the growing use of renewable energy, digitalization, upcoming 15-minute balance, growing amount of regulation and energy reporting… There are many risks for industrial companies, but opportunities as well.

UPM Energy wanted to create a future-proof energy management solution to enhance the possibilities of digitalization for energy-intensive businesses facing the transition in energy markets. The new service solution BeyondSpot® by UPM Energy was born.

Key benefits of BeyondSpot®:

  • Lower energy costs
  • New revenue from energy trading
  • Accurate consumption forecasts
  • Transparency to energy consumption

In addition to the digital service solution, the customers of BeyondSpot® benefit from the combined energy market and industry experience of UPM Energy. The service supports a full-scale energy optimisation process: including forecasting, adapting energy usage based on flexibilities and selling flexibilities in balancing and intraday markets.

We want to focus on building long-lasting customer relationships and aim to have truly customer-based solution, as we believe that is the way we achieve the best long-term results

Laura Lohi, Commercial Manager at UPM Energy

IoT-TICKET® gives the flexibility to add and adjust along the way

In the beginning of the BeyondSpot® story, the biggest challenge for UPM Energy was to find the right technology tools to integrate all the different data sources from energy market systems to trading tools and industrial automation. UPM Energy decided to proceed with Wapice IoT-TICKET®, as it was known to provide great flexibility to integrate different data sources together, innovate new services on top of the data and provide faster time to market, with built-in information security.

We are dealing with changing environment, which means that our solution must be able to adapt to different needs – we need to be able to add and adjust as we go along. This is why we chose the platform approach and decided to use Wapice IoT-TICKET® as the technical base of our solution.

Jukka-Pekka Häkli, Project Lead, UPM Energy.

“Wapice has been a great partner for our development: they always come up with the right technology solutions for our purpose and they have been teaching us a lot throughout the development of our BeyondSpot® service.” - Jukka-Pekka Häkli, Project Lead, UPM Energy.

Strong emphasis on digital strategy - BeyondSpot® is a unique service solution under UPM

The bioindustry giant is putting a lot of emphasis on data and digitalization – from the factory floor level to all the business applications. UPM has developed a comprehensive digital strategy utilizing internal crowdsourcing. As a company operating with a wide value chain, UPM has a lot of room for different digital solutions and partners, as well.

The current focus of digital strategy is on digitalizing the company’s own business processes, which makes BeyondSpot® by UPM Energy quite a unique development initiative. BeyondSpot® is the first digital service that UPM is offering to the third-party customers. The company has gained experience from their own energy plants and procurement, which is now offered as a service for the customer base.

“We are super proud to have UPM Energy leveraging our cloud-agnostic IoT-TICKET® solution to offer this kind of new service for their customers. IoT-TICKET® in the energy sector is really a very powerful tool to benefit from the data and optimize the use of assets.” - Mathias Grädler, Director of International Customer Relations at Wapice.

Wapice is an award-winning Finnish IoT, Industry 4.0 and AI company supporting companies on their digitalization journeys. We offer close technology partnership and digital services to our customers ranging from all major fields of industry and the public sector. Our goal is to make the best use of digitalization opportunities. Established in 1999, Wapice employs over 350 software and electronics experts in Finland.

Article image: © UPM Energy