Active recruitment, even in exceptional circumstances

When winter turned into spring, our management team decided to continue active recruitment despite the exceptional circumstances. Corona had confused the world; on one hand, the uncertainty was high, on the other hand, we thought that exceptional circumstances would lead to an acceleration of the digitalisation of industrial operations. The acceleration of digitalisation development would create a very favourable platform for the growth of our business. In our expert-oriented organization, growth also means opportunity for new recruitments.

According to the scenario mentioned, we proceed with active recruitment. We recruited both software developers and business experts. The recommendation for working remotely posed its own challenges, but well-functioning remote work tools and open, diverse and regular communication ensured the integration of new people into our organization.

This is how you prepare for a recruitment discussion

In the fall, our recruitment will continue. As a rule, we continue to recruit software developers, from people in the early stages of their careers to experienced experts. There is also a need for project managers and business experts. Here are some tips on how to prepare for a recruitment discussion with us.

First of all, preparation is worth it! Be especially prepared to present your own professional background - it’s your sales speech! Recall concrete examples of your skills and successes. Previous work experience, hobby projects as well as study-related assignments and demos are always suitable as practical examples. Also think about your future goals and areas for development. There is no need to extensively memorize company website. During our discussion, we talk about our business, customers, operating culture and career paths.

We tend to locate for each person the best place to function productively in our organization while learning something new. There are often comments from people at Wapice that you get to work with state-of-the-art technologies here, be it embedded systems, machine learning or even web development. It’s also important for us to understand the things that make our future employees say in the mornings that it’s nice to come to work. When our values meet, it creates a match that typically predicts a long and good employment relationship. Examples of long-term employment relationships and the career development opportunities we offer can be found in the form of career stories on our website.

Welcome to work at Wapice!