No-code / Low-code IoT with IoT-TICKET®

Much has been written about benefits of the Internet of Things (IoT). So let’s take a look at IoT-TICKET®’s industry leading no-code/ low-code functionality and how to create value for your business in no time. Turn your workforce into digital specialists and accelerate your digital transformation.

Focus on your business not on technology

Many times we talked to customers who embarked on their IoT journeys by trying to develop massive solutions by themselves or with partners. They start figuring out how to implement Big-Data technology, Asset Management, Over-the-Air updates, Communication Protocols and Applications, which components to use and where and how to run the solution. And most importantly how to run it securely in a scalable way. This typically will take time and enormous amount of budget and requires experts – those experts are rare and competition for those skills are tough. While it is intriguing to play with technology many companies realize after a couple of years and millions of Euros spent that the investment in own technology did not create new business nor returns and when it slowly gets to the market they are too late. Based on our experience it is crucial to focus on business (new revenue streams, cost savings or health and safety improvements). The technology is readily available with IoT-TICKET® – you just need to let your existing workforce use it to create business outcome. So how does No-Code / Low-Code help?

Your existing workforce can shape your digital future

Digital specialists will not have an idea of how to run your business – your management, front end sales teams, service experts, support teams, production or R&D experts do. They are your source of revenue and their ideas kept you in business; with IoT-TICKET® they can continue to do so in the digital age. So why not rely on them to shape your digital future. We take technology out of the equation by making IoT easily accessible and usable. One basically doesn’t need different skills to creating a presentation or writing a document to create massive-scale, Big-Data and Analytics enabled Internet of Things Applications fast. Thanks to our intuitive and industry leading No-Code / Low-code technology web based or mobile applications, alarms & events, reports, monitoring and control logic are super easy to create and roll out:

Interface designer

Digitize your business today with IoT-TICKET®

Shape the world of tomorrow by starting today. No nonsense technology discussions - just focus on your business and immediate results. IoT-TICKET® is an industrial proven No-Code / Low-Code Productivity Suite utilized by domain leading companies around the world. And best of all the achieved quick time to market ensures a fast return on investment – so what are you waiting for?

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