Wapice expands to Kuopio, Turku office moves to a new location

Wapice is investing in growth and staff well-being with two new offices. In Kuopio, you can now find us at Microkatu 1, while in Turku, our new, more comfortable premises are located at Joukahaisenkatu 6.

Our goal has always been to make Wapice an excellent place to work. Constant development is a must-have to meet the diverse needs of our people and the ever-evolving demands of the working life. Good tools and a comfortable working environment are essential elements of efficient work, alongside smooth processes, low-hierarchy management culture, and inspiring tasks. While Wapice offers flexible remote work practices, we want to ensure that we have attractive and pleasant office spaces where our teams can spend time together. Meeting colleagues face-to-face strengthens our sense of belonging, and even the most challenging issues are often resolved through conversations with colleagues. Let's not underestimate the joy that laughter in the coffee room brings!

We have been steadily growing, and to support this growth, we have expanded our network of offices. We have opened a brand new office in Kuopio, and in Turku we have relocated to better-serving premises. Our previous office in Turku was not the most functional, as it was split across two floors, which was not the best solution for collaboration. We also felt the need for a more comfortable space. So, we took action and found more functional, spacious premises very close to our previous office. You can now find our new Turku office at Joukahaisenkatu 6. We celebrated our new Turku office with good food, music, and togetherness.

Wapice employees

We are proud to announce that we have opened an entirely new Wapice city, Kuopio! Our Kuopio office is part of our growth strategy, and we hope to welcome new colleagues in Kuopio by the end of the year. The Kuopio office is located at Microkatu 1. Wapice has a long tradition of recruiting students and nurturing early career talents into experts. We strategically position ourselves near universities, and this applies to Kuopio as well.

Our offices are now located in nine cities: Vaasa, Helsinki, Tampere, Hyvinkää, Seinäjoki, Oulu, Jyväskylä, Turku, and Kuopio.

At Wapice, we believe that investing in our employees' well-being and providing them with excellent working conditions is essential for our continued success. We look forward to further growth and exciting opportunities in these new locations, and we are excited to welcome new team members to our expanding Wapice family. Check out our career site! You can always leave an open application and we are in contact when suitable roles open.