IoT in Supply Chain with Midagon

How to benefit from IoT in different stages of the supply chain? What are the most important areas and common challenges when designing, manufacturing and delivering products?

Today we have a special guest from the independent consulting company Midagon. The senior managing consultant Matti Ketonen is a supply chain expert and works closely with the manufacturing industry. Check out Matti’s tips on how to make efficient use of IoT and data in manufacturing!

Watch the latest episode and download an interesting whitepaper from Midagon: How to drive Business Value from Digital in Process and Manufacturing Industries

In this video series we share insights from our IoT Lab and explain why IoT-TICKET® is the most complete, modern and easy-to-use way to build massive-scale, production-grade IoT applications fast – for delivering business outcomes quickly!

Stay tuned! Next time we’ll continue with Midagon on Digitalized Sales & Services topic.

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