Caverion & Wapice: Modern sensor technology brings intelligence and proactivity to maintenance

Caverion digitizes proactive maintenance using the Wapice IoT-TICKET® solution. With this solution it is possible to monitor the real conditions of industrial equipment and to anticipate future service and maintenance needs effectively, avoiding unnecessary interruptions in production. The system combines information on all objects and alerts so it saves costs and increases customer satisfaction.

Caverion is one of Europe's leading providers of technical service and maintenance solutions. With the increasing digitalization in the industry, Caverion, together with Wapice, has developed a new IoTFlex service concept for proactive maintenance. Based on Wapice's IoT-TICKET® platform, intelligent sensors measure the actual conditions of machines and predict possible defects by use of analytics. IoTFlex is the marketing name used by Caverion for the IoT-TICKET® solution offered by Wapice.

We have developed our service to be more intelligent by adding analytics and machine vision solutions to the service concept. With the help of IoT-TICKET®, even new technologies can be introduced at almost routine pace, and the development and maintenance of the service level has been smooth. The focus is on increasing customer value rather than on software.

Tuomo Härkönen, Director of Digitalization, Caverion

– In addition to proactive maintenance, our customers also use the system for a variety of measurement needs, such as oil particle measurements, heat transfer failure prediction and various fitness and vibration measurements. Targeting maintenance operations to the actual customer needs will be the basic prerequisite for profitable maintenance. Thanks to a better picture of the situation, the management of economic and environmental risks and occupational safety can also be improved, as risk factors can be detected in real time and thus be prepared in advance - continues Härkönen.

Wapice is happy to cooperate; we are happy to help our customers succeed in their business. The popularity of IoT-TICKET®, especially in real estate management, has been growing dramatically recently - the hype has been shifted to real added value and measurable benefits, says Wapice Development Director Markus Mäkelä. We have strived to meet the needs of industrial customers for the entire IoT product, including deployment, implementation, and maintenance. Furthermore, making applications is easy enough for the customers to do it themselves, if desired.

The importance of data analytics is constantly increasing in industry. IoT-TICKET® makes it easy to deploy separate analytics servers and it also has an easy-to-use internal analysis tool. Adding the analyzed data to the cloud creates a clear competitive advantage for our customers, says Markus Mäkelä.

Caverion designs, implements, supports and maintains intelligent and energy-efficient solutions for buildings, industries and infrastructures. Caverion's revenue for 2018 was approximately EUR 2.2 billion. The company is among Europe’s leading providers of technical solutions for buildings and industries covering the entire life cycle. Our vision is to be the “First choice in digitalizing environments” for our customers, employees and partners in industry.

Wapice is a full-service software company with industry-leading solutions from around the world. Our mission is to act as a technology and solution partner for our customers and to help them make the most of digitalization. IoT-TICKET® is a cloud-based Internet of Things platform based on Flow programming technology, offering unique usability and customization for your digital business. IoT-TICKET® is a Key Flag product.

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Wapice Ltd., Business Development Director Markus Mäkelä, tel. +358 10 277 5014

Caverion Corporation, Director of Digitalization, Tuomo Härkönen, tel. +358 40 567 2226

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