CPQ Seminar Day: Perspectives on Digital Value-Based Sales

Last week, on 10 May, we organized a CPQ seminar in Helsinki. During the event, we discussed the following topics: value-based sales, opportunities offered by digitalization and the CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) tool. There were roughly twenty people present, all of whom were genuinely interested in the themes of the day. Our customers shared their user experiences with Summium CPQ solutions, and we learned about the challenges the tool has addressed and how it has helped drive sales in a more value-based direction.

The event was opened by Summium Business Development Manager Kai Huittinen, who gave an overview of Wapice and the possibilities of modern CPQ-tools.

Kai Huittinen giving a presentation

Impact of digitalization on value-based sales

The keynote speech was given by Professor Pekka Töytäri from the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management at Aalto University, who elaborated on the importance of identifying customer needs and provided compelling case examples that showcased the benefits and outcomes of adopting a customer-centric mindset and approach.

Pekka's presentation sparked a great deal of thought and generated extensive discussion on how digitalization provides vast amounts of information about customer behavior and preferences, while enabling new ways to build commercial capabilities and reshape business.

Pekka Töytäri giving a presentation

Customer experience: focus on ease and convenience

At the event, three of our customers presented a story, showcasing their firsthand experience of how our collaboration and Summium CPQ solutions have benefited their business.

Hydoring Oy’s ICT specialist, Mikko Mellanen, said that the company's goal was to create a user-friendly tool that facilitates sales operations while offering end customers a value-added customer experience on par with the ease of use associated with Amazon.com. Switching to Summium tools has brought agility and efficiency to the quote-order process and created a more user-friendly service.

Mikko Mellanen giving a presentation

Ville Puustinen, Regional Sales Manager at Bronto Skylift Oy, said that for Bronto Skylift switching to the global CPQ tool has saved money and time as well as improved the customer experience throughout the entire sales process, starting from the quotation stage. With Summium CPQ integrated to Salesforce CRM, the company has all the information needed to calculate a quote in one place and now the company can take the customer's individual needs into account right from the start, which has improved the customer experience.

Ville Puustinen giving a presentation

In the last customer presentation of the day, Sami Korpela, Sales and Marketing Director of Erikkila Oy, talked about using CPQ as a tool for the dealer network. The Summium CPQ system efficiently guides vendors through the configuration process and assists in defining customized crane systems, enabling quick and accurate creation of quotation documents. It simplifies deployment and significantly accelerates the quotation process, allowing you to focus on meeting customer needs and adding value. Sami considers CPQ a mandatory tool in crane business.

Sami Korpela giving a presentation

A big thank you to all who participated in our seminar day. Your active engagement and thought-provoking discussions truly made the event rewarding.