The software company Wapice has finalized its company-specific collective agreement

Wapice has negotiated its first company-specific collective agreement with its employee representatives and the trade union. The negotiation outcome has been approved on June 22, 2023, by the involved unions, Ylemmät Toimihenkilöt YTN ry and Tietoala ry.

The agreement has been crafted in collaboration with employee representatives and trade union delegates. Pasi Tuominen, CEO of Wapice, commented on the release of the agreement as follows: "Internally, we have referred to the agreement at Wapice as the 'Better Agreement,' as it includes several additional benefits and improvements. It specifically places a strong emphasis on family- and student-friendly values. Our objective has been to break down barriers and enhance genuine dialogue with our employees, and we feel that we have successfully accomplished that."

The new collective agreement will come into effect on June 22, 2023 and will be valid until December 31, 2023, and thereafter until further notice. The agreement will be reviewed and evaluated annually to ensure its relevance. The agreement encompasses approximately 360 employees of Wapice.

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