Framery & Wapice: Intelligence and state-of-the-art technology for Framery One pods

Framery, a manufacturer of soundproofed workspaces and phone booths, launched the world’s first intelligent soundproofed Framery One pod in early 2021. Wapice has been involved in developing and implementing an innovative distributed electrical and control system for the Framery One pod, enabling workspace connectivity and meeting the changing needs of users.

The solution designed by Wapice enables the workspace to be electrified and settings to be adjusted in a user-friendly way using the high-definition touch screen inside the pod. In addition, the solution digitalises the space with intelligent automation functions and maintenance services, as well as enables connectivity to external functions, such as calendar booking systems.

Read more about our innovative collaboration from here.

Additional information

Risto Pajula
Head of Embedded Systems
010 277 5168

Timo Inkinen
Head of Product Development & Quality