IoT Nordic 21.- 22.10.2020

Welcome to the largest IoT event in Northern Europe, which will be held for the fifth time on 21-22. October. Featuring more than 60 top speakers and two days full of interesting programs in the fields of IoT, AI, data analytics and digitalization. As many other events during this new normal, the event will be held virtually.

Wapice is one of the main partners in the event. You will find our experts in the virtual IoT lab, where we present our innovative IoT and AI solutions.

Join the live presentations on how our customers Granlund and Schaeffler have leveraged the Wapice IoT-TICKET® solution in their own business.

Wapice's presentations

Detect, diagnose and direct. The future of fault detection in buildings

Ken Dooley, Granlund
Granlund logo
  • Large hypermarkets are difficult to manage as there are many areas with very different temperatures.
  • In this case, machine learning by Wapice has helped to balance temperature and energy consumption.
  • The service has saved almost 70% of heating energy compared to the previous months of operation.

OPTIME Plug. Play. Predict.

Richard Haagensen, Schaeffler
Schaeffler logo

Take off into a new era for Condition Monitoring.

The event is hosted by moderators Ella Kanninen and Peter Nyman.

Now is the time to accelerate growth by seizing new opportunities and creating a significant competitive advantage through digitalisation. Welcome aboard!

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