LUT University and Wapice collaborate on IoT studies

Wapice and LUT University work together on industrial internet projects. The implementation of a joint study project brings more concreteness to teaching and prepares the students through applied practice into working life. Wapice's IoT-TICKET® platform was introduced in university studies last autumn and the collaboration is developed further in the implementations of the next projects.

The combination of servitization and digitalization requires the future experts to have more versatile expertise than ever. They need to master the technologies and understand the service-oriented logic as well as the value return models enabled by digitalization – without forgetting the understanding of the operating environment.

At LUT University, which serves sustainable development and a digitalizing society, the requirements of the working life are known precisely.

"For example, the Graduates of the Digital Services Master-Degree Program will renew the production of services through digitalization in both the private and public sectors. In the program, it is possible to delve more deeply into industry or the health and social services sector – or even both. Training emphasizes a solution-oriented approach and puts the theory also into practice." - Jouni Koivuniemi, Program Director, LUT University

Assignment: Idea of industrial internet application

Wapice has participated in designing the content of LUT University's Industrial Internet and Industrial Engineering Applications project together with the project's responsible teachers. During the project, an exercise in which students are free to brainstorm industrial internet applications is carried out. The first step is therefore to identify a challenge where IoT technology could be used to help solve the problem. The chosen idea is put into practice on the IoT-TICKET® platform, for which students also have support available from Wapice.

LUT University

Imagination is the only limit in the development of application ideas, – Based on the autumn project implementation there were solutions found, for example, for monitoring the equipment of trains, the development of nursing home operations and circular economy trading. With the help of open data sources, the students also received practical exercises in data processing.

The students' assignments on the IoT-TICKET® platform were a positive surprise, as many groups achieved very convincing solutions in a short time. In the course feedback, the students especially appreciated the concreteness of utilizing the platform and the opportunity to familiarize themselves with IoT applications from different industries.

Jouni Koivuniemi, Program Director, LUT University

More efficient IoT development with low code technique

The collaboration was valuable for Wapice, as students are an excellent target group to see the ease of use of the IoT-TICKET® platform in practice. The platform enables its users to develop productivity and new business solutions extremely quickly, which significantly shortens the development cycle from idea to practice.

LUT University

"Ease of use is central to a platform based on the low code idea, and students give excellent feedback on this. Based on the project outcome we learned that already with a little practice and small amount of help we can achieve comprehensive applications. Without the ready-made application tools, it would not be possible." - Joni Kontturi, Solution Consultant, Wapice

Contact persons:

  • Jouni Koivuniemi, Program Director, LUT-University,
  • Joni Kontturi, Solution Consultant, Wapice,

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