Wapice & Movax: More efficiency to piling through digitalization

Movax Oy has chosen Wapice’s IoT-Ticket as the remote management platform for its piling machines. Wapice and Movax have together tested and developed a system that allows data on machinery to be stored in the cloud. Strategic collaboration enables Movax to utilize digitalization more effectively in its business. Using data on the IoT-Ticket platform in the cloud is flexible and fast, enabling easy further development of existing solutions to meet future needs.

IoT-Ticket is a domestic platform that does not require programming skills. Instead, current and future IoT solutions can be implemented graphically using Flow programming. With this solution, you can design the user interface and provide functionality, reporting and data analysis without programming experience, resulting in agility in all the various life-cycle stages of the IoT system.

Strategic collaboration increases productivity

Movax’s Quality and Development Manager Ville Tikkanen explains that the data-driven service entity to be developed in cooperation with Wapice is a strategic product development project for Movax, and that the solutions developed during the project will bring added value and tangible benefits for both customers and Movax. By combining information collected from the machines with other information, we can improve the efficiency of piling and increase productivity.

Ensuring the trouble-free operation of piling equipment is of special importance to Movax customers. This need will also be addressed as part of the service entity by providing tools that can be used to anticipate the servicing needs of machinery and identify practices which may cause failures. These tools will also help to solve any problem situations and accelerate recovery from them. Movax operates in more than sixty countries in six continents. The service entity also helps Movax to meet the ever-growing demand for expert services, since the bi-directional information allows us to offer our expertise to our dealers and customers despite long distances.

Markus Mäkelä from Wapice Oy is delighted to cooperate with Movax. Traditionally, the IoT systems of mobile work machines have been dedicated systems. The IoT-Ticket platform can be used to flexibly bring together different types of data, and the client’s future business opportunities are not limited to a single application. If the need arises, the client can deploy different features of the product, including image processing and artificial intelligence. The future business opportunities of different customers will increase almost exponentially as modern digital solutions are adopted.


Movax specializes in designing, developing and manufacturing excavator-mounted piling equipment with advanced control and data management systems. The company is a global market leader in its field and holds several technology-related patents. With Movax’s innovative piling equipment, customers can maximize their productivity and operate in environments that would otherwise be inaccessible. Movax is an ISO 9001:2015 certified and AAA rated company.

Wapice is a full-service software company whose solutions are used by leading industrial companies around the world. We are a technology partner for our customers and help them make the most of the opportunities brought about by digitalization. We have been operating since 1999 and currently employ more than 340 software and electronics specialists. Wapice is an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certified and AAA rated company. IoT-Ticket is a cloud service product based on Wapice’s Flow programming technology which offers unique usability and adaptability to your digital business. IoT-Ticket is made in Finland.

Additional information:
Wapice Oy, Markus Mäkelä, +358 10 277 5014, markus.makela@wapice.com
Movax Oy, Ville Tikkanen, +358 44 554 3080, ville.tikkanen@movax.fi