Wapice’s smart traffic solution in Kontinkangas, Oulu: low-carbon mobility and smoother access to services

As part of the 6Aika strategy and the Low Carbon Transport in Mobility Hubs project, the City of Oulu launched experiments in autumn 2021 to minimise carbon emissions from traffic. Wapice participated in the City of Oulu’s experiments with Smart Parking, an AI solution that guides motorists directly to free parking spaces, thus reducing unnecessary driving in the city.

Wapice implemented a machine vision solution for Kontinkangas that monitors the use of curb-side parking. Artificial intelligence identifies vacant and occupied parking spaces in the street view and transmits the occupancy rate to Wapice’s IoT-TICKET® cloud solution for analysis and end user access through the map app.

"Wapice’s Smart Parking solution is interesting and innovative for both the client and the users: it reduces unnecessary driving, but also allows the city to monitor the occupancy of parking spaces."
Sami Puuperä, Project Manager, City of Oulu

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