Vahanen Monitoring Services Ltd chose Wapice’s IoT-TICKET for massive real estate optimization

Vahanen Monitoring Services Oy, an expert in real estate and construction, utilizes Wapice's IoT expertise. Image: Vahanen Monitoring Services Oy

With centralized real estate monitoring, it is possible to quickly observe situations and improve the wellbeing of tenants as well as optimize the building performance. Maintenance operations can be scheduled more efficiently based on real-time data and site fine-tuning can be remotely managed.

Wapice will supply Vahanen Monitoring Services Oy with IoT-TICKET®, a complete Internet of Things (IoT) tools suite, which allows Vahanen to implement an advanced massive scale building monitoring system. Utilizing IoT-TICKET it is possible to automatically get real-time condition information on and maintenance needs from the buildings. With remote monitoring, the maintenance and control of real estate will be enhanced and actions can be more focused than earlier. With this system, the customer can take advantage of Wapice's versatile remote management experience in a number of industry segments.

With IoT-TICKET, it is easy and quick to integrate different vendors' real estate management systems.

“With IoT-TICKET, we can monitor both a bigger quantity of buildings and also the functionality of individual building systems. Information is monitored in real time and we can react to potential problems even before they are visible on site. With IoT-TICKET, we can also easily create new dashboards and reports when needed, either from bigger amount of buldings or, for example, from a single machine at a particular destination,” says Team Leader Jesse Nieminen, Vahanen Monitoring Services Oy.


Using Wapice's IoT-TICKET, you can monitor the real-time functionality of real estate systems. Image: Wapice Oy.

– Vahanen is a big actor and got a huge amount of experience in the fields of real estate and construction. When that is combined with Wapice's technology expertise we know we both have new opportunities, such as utilizing high-quality weather forecasts or energy price fluctuations directly in real estate adjustment values.

– Wireless technology allows also older buildings to be measured, allowing full use of the added value of IoT control. In cooperation with Vahanen, we have put together the most suitable IoT solution for them, describes Mika Ranta-aho, Product Manager at Wapice.

Wapice’s IoT-TICKET is available at the Smart City Nordic exhibition at Helsinki Kattilahalli, 30th-31st October. There are different solutions on display to building more intelligent buildings and even a whole smart city.

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