Alfen Elkamo & Wapice: visual design tool for supporting the sale of transformer products

Alfen Elkamo uses Wapice Summium® CPQ solution for the visual design of its transformer products. With the help of Summium® CPQ, Alfen Elkamo’s customers and vendors have access to a sales digitalisation solution that enables quick and easy configuration and visualisation of tailor-made products.

Alfen Elkamo is part of Alfen’s international organisation that focuses on the development and delivery of innovative products and projects in the field of electric power distribution. The Group’s product portfolio includes transformer substations for distributing power to industry, real estate properties and power companies as well as energy storage systems and charging systems for electric cars. Alfen Elkamo’s special expertise lies in various park substations designed for power companies as well as power distribution units for indoor and outdoor use.

With the introduction of Summium® CPQ, the handling of requests for quotation has become much more efficient and faster.

Additional Information:

Alfen Elkamo, Markus Kekolahti, Sales Manager, Tel. +358 44 530 4699
Wapice Oy, Pauli Perasto, Sales Manager, Tel. +358 10 277 5172