Yepzon’s positioning and sensor technology added to Wapice’s IoT tool - development of industrial IoT expands

The positioning and tracking devices of technology leader Yepzon have been integrated to Wapice’s IoT-TICKET® system to provide a cost-effective and easy-to-use tracking solution for many industry needs. Together, these products respond to the ever increasing demand for Internet of Things solutions that facilitate the collection and aggregation of data in the industry. Both products are immediately ready to use and affordable to deploy.

The data received from Yepzon’s smart trackers is integrated to Wapice’s IoT-TICKET platform where data can be tracked in real time and views changed quickly and easily as needed. Yepzon’s trackers can be used to track people, objects and, for example, logistics. In industrial environments, one of the most common uses of positioning devices is quality control during transportation enabling quick reaction to potential problem situations.

“Yepzon’s positioning devices are a good example of how easily third-party devices can be connected to the IoT TICKET® system” says Markus Mäkelä, Business Development Director at Wapice.

– Creating applications is easy, and individual views can be set up with just a few clicks to show the data that a particular user most needs. With the help of IoT-TICKET®, services can be digitalized in no time and the metrics from sensors combined with other data sources for immediate productivity. The possibilities for expanding the use of IoT-TICKET® are numerous, Mäkelä continues.

Collaboration with Wapice further extends the customization capabilities of our service and enables the integration of Yepzon’s real-time tracking functionality to Wapice’s reporting features without any special software development needs. This enables us to better serve particularly small and medium-sized enterprises.

Jonne Haakana, Sales Director, Yepzon

Yepzon™ is a leader in positioning technology that provides solutions based on location and sensor data for both consumers and demanding industry needs. In addition to positioning data, Yepzon’s industrial tracker also provides versatile sensor data, such as temperature, humidity, and collision data.

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